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Norwegian I — Remote Learning

9-15-2020 THROUGH 12-8-2020
Image courtesy of VisitNorway

TUE—SEP 15, 2020 THROUGH TUE—DEC 8, 2020
TUESDAYS—6:30–8:35 PM

Scandinavia House promotes the importance of language learning in exploring Nordic culture through classes offered by NYU’s Department of Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpreting. Traditionally held at Scandinavia House, classes in the fall of 2020 will now be held via remote learning.

In this beginner’s course, build your Norwegian vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar skills within a cultural context. By the term’s end, be able to conduct simple conversations in Norwegian. You’ll walk away from this course with proficiency in basic Norwegian grammar and beginner-level conversational skills. Norwegian I is ideal for absolute beginners and individuals seeking a solid foundation in the Norwegian language.

To request additional information or register, contact NYU’s Department of Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpreting, 212-998-7250, or visit

Language Courses at Scandinavia House

Scandinavia House sees language as inextricably linked to culture. Partnering with the Center for Applied Liberal Arts (CALA) at New York University School of Professional Studies reinforces this link as part of Scandinavia House’s mission. NYU CALA offers courses in twenty languages including Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Finnish and Icelandic can be offered upon request. Whether supporting Scandinavia House members in connecting with their roots through learning the language of their ancestors or family members, deepening New Yorkers’ cultural understanding, or facilitating travel through competence in other languages, courses encourage exploration.

The courses are offered on a semester basis at Scandinavia House. Levels range from beginner to intermediate and advanced. The department has the capacity to open high levels and special sections should there be a demand for such.

CALA is a national leader in foreign language instruction and all its instructors are experienced in teaching their respective languages to adults.

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