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The 12th Man /Den 12. mann New Nordic Cinema


WED—April 10—7 PM & FRI—April 12—6:30 PM
$12 ($7 ASF Members)

135 min. In Norwegian with English subtitles

“Harald Zwart’s thrilling The 12th Man, based on the true story of a Norwegian soldier who escaped the Nazis in World War II, is a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart but also an unexpectedly tender adventure that is as celebratory as it is tense…a celebration of a far-flung, ordinary community’s triumph over unspeakable evils.”—Village Voice

“Jan’s path to safety frequently shocks, offering scenes of defiance that are unfamiliar or unexpected”—New York Times

New Nordic Cinema presents some of the best new films from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Running in coordination with our exhibition Nordic Impressions, this series showcases the rich diversity and global character of Nordic art.

About the Director

Harald Zwart (b. 1965) graduated from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy at the Amsterdam School of the Arts in 1989. He then started his career making short films, music videos, and commissioned films, and directing commercials for Hans Petter Molands production company Moland Film. Having gained extensive experience as a director in a short amount of time, he won several international awards for his work.

He directed a total of seven short films, including the award-winning Act Naturally (1993), before making his feature film debut with the action film Hamilton (1998), produced in Sweden and starring Peter Stormare, Mark Hamill and Lena Olin. After the success of Hamilton, he made his first film in the United States One Night at McCool’s in 2001. He has since directed several feature films in both Hollywood and Norway, including Agent Cody Banks (2003), Long Flat Balls (2006) and The Karate Kid (2010). His continued production in the U.S. also made Zwart the first Norwegian director to become a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA).


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