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THE GUILTY /Den Skyldige Nordic Oscar Contenders


THUJanuary 3—7 PM
85 min. In Danish with English subtitles.

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In this pulsating crime thriller set entirely inside a claustrophobic emergency call center, alarm dispatcher and recently demoted police officer Asger Holm spends his nights on phone duty, lending assistance and dispatching officers where necessary. One night he receives an emergency call from a kidnapped woman — who states that she is currently being driven out of Copenhagen against her will — Holm scrambles to get aid to her before the situation can go too far.


But when the call is suddenly disconnected, Holm must embark on an increasingly hair-raising journey to probe the mystery by any means necessary to return the woman to safety. He realizes that he’s dealing with a crime that is far bigger than he originally thought and begins using his authority to intervene in ways that crosses moral boundaries, merging the woman’s plight with his own bid for moral redemption. (Directed by Gustav Möller, 2018)


About the Director

Gustav Möller (b. 1988) was educated in film at the Danish Film School and graduated in 2015. For his student film In Darkness (2015), he won the Next Nordic Generation award.

His feature debut, the psychological thriller The Guilty (2018), had its world premiere at Sundance, and was supported by the Danish Film Institute (DFI).

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