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Only ASF Members may reserve film tickets by calling 212.847.9746 or by emailing
All films are subtitled in English. Theater doors open 30 minutes prior to the start of the film.
Film screenings are held in Victor Borge Hall, named in honor of the legendary Danish entertainer and in recognition of his generosity to Scandinavia House.

Upcoming Film Series

New Nordic Cinema

Through May 15, 2015 – No films the week of February 23, March 30, & April 13, 2015
Wednesdays @ 7 pm & Fridays @ 6:30 pm
$10 ($7 ASF Members); Series pass $100 ($70 ASF Members)

This spring Scandinavia House brings some of the most influential Nordic films to New York audiences. The series begins this season with films from Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Sweden, and Denmark; films from the Faroe Islands and Norway will be announced at a later date.

Living Images/Elavad pildid

March 4* & 6

No Thank You/Ei Kiitos

Directed by Hardi Volmer (Estonia, 2013). Living Images is a historical melodrama that takes audiences through the 20th century by telling the stories of two Estonians – Helmi (Ita Ever) and Julius (Tõnu Oja). The film begins with their birth in the beginning of the new century, in a house belonging to Baltic Germans, and ends with the close of the century in a newly liberated Estonia on the backdrop of the arrival of neo-capitalist values.

In 1908 Helmi is born into the house of Baron von Strandmann in Old-Town Tallinn. All she knows for certain about her past is that her mother was an Estonian servant girl. Everything else she discovers throughout her life during the course of the 20th century. It is in this house that she finds happiness and suffering, passion and disappointment. One floor beneath her lives Julius – a man who is far from indifferent when it comes to Helmi.

Estonia’s biggest historical events of the century leave their mark on this house – its hardwood floors have endured both soldiers’ gruff boots and the shiny oxfords of gentlemen. Its walls have held the fates of people far and near, foreigners and locals. Over the course of time, Helmi’s home becomes a German salon, a revolutionary museum, and a working class commune. As freedom comes to Estonia, real estate crooks sniff around the place. The only constant in turbulent times are the cinema hall that projects living images on the screen and Julius’ quiet love for Helmi.

Director Hardi Volmer’s historical love story combines the grotesque approach of early silent films with the melodrama of the golden age of cinema, illustrating both the epic and the comic of the difficult turns in Estonian, as well as European, history.

*The screening on March 4 is preceded by a book talk with Jan Erik Holst, editor of Stork Flying over Pinewood (Kom Forlag, 2014) about the 25th anniversary of the Nordic-Baltic Film Cooperation.
135 min. | In Estonian with English subtitles.

About the director

Hardi Volmer (b. 1957) is an Estonian film director, writer, puppet theater set decorator, and musician, best known for the animated short films War/Sõda (1987) and Olmeheidutus (2011) and the cinematic epic Living Images (2013), which received Best Screenplay at the Shanghai International Film Festival in 2013.

lectures and literary icon

See also Stork Flying over Pinewood – Book Talk with Jan Erik Holst in LECTURES & LITERARY section.

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March 11 & 13

Stormland/RoklandDirected by Marteinn Þórsson (Iceland, 2011). Based on the Nordic Council Literature Prize-nominated novel by Hallgrímur Helgason (2007), Stormland is the tragi-comic story of Böddi Steingrímsson (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson), a small town rebel who romanticizes the Viking era and despises the materialistic society he was born into.

When Böddi returns to the village of Krókur after 10 years of academic life in Germany, he decides to change the way Icelandic people think. On his blog he preaches highbrow German ideals mixed with Viking Era romanticism, which both amuses and confuses the locals in his small village in northern Iceland. The students he teaches at the local high school think that he is crazy, especially after an ill-fated trip to Drangey Island that results in an injured student and the termination of his employment.

Being a man of ideals, Böddi continues his poetic crusade, but with little luck. On his blog he alienates himself by continuously satirizing everyone around him, much to the locals' bemusement. Further traumatized by the death of his mother and rejected by the woman he loves, Böddi snaps and heads south to Reykjavík on his horse Nietzsche. With the manuscript of his book in his pocket and a gun in the other, Böddi is ready for his revolution...
111 min. In Icelandic with English subtitles.

About the director

Born in Reykjavík, Marteinn Þórsson graduated from Ryerson University, Toronto, with a degree in Film Studies in 1993. Since then he has written, directed, and produced television dramas, comedies, documentaries, variety shows, commercials, and music videos. Þórsson has also written film criticism for Icelandic Press and taught courses in Film Studies at the Icelandic Film School.

In 2004 Þórsson and Jeff Renfroe wrote and directed the feature One Point O, which was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and has subsequently sold to more than 43 countries and won awards around the globe. In 2006 he won the Icelandic Edda Award for Best Television Program for the current affair show Kompás.

He is also known for XL (2013), Stormland (2011), and Permille/Prómill (2010).


March 18 & 20

Metalhead/MálmhausDirected by Ragnar Bragason (Iceland, 2013). Fueled by a remarkable breakout performance by actress Thorbjörg Helga Dýrfjörd, director Ragnar Bragason's intense drama of loss, faith, redemption, Megadeth, and Judas Priest begins with a farming accident in the 1980s that sends a young girl, Hera (Dýrfjörd) and her parents into a tail-spin of grief over the death of her heavy metal music-obsessed older brother. 

A decade later and Hera is transformed into a sexy, surly head-banger and DIY musician, dressed in black leather and a Slayer t-shirt, clutching her dead brother's electric guitar as she howls anthems of rage to a barn full of cows. Seemingly trapped in a haunted landscape of slaughterhouses and barren winter fields, making all the wrong choices in her life – including coming on to the local priest and sleeping with her platonic best friend – Hera slowly and painfully comes to terms with her family's loss and the sound of her true voice. 

Partly inspired by the Norwegian black metal church burnings in the early 1990s and featuring a soundtrack of 1980s and 1990s head-banging classics by Riot, Teaze, Savatage, Lizzy Borden and Megadeth, Metalhead is a dramatic film, both tender and grim, with moments of rebellious comedy. It is a story of a terrible loss and how we deal with our grief, about community, and a sense of family, dreams, and nightmares.

Metalhead is the winner of 8 awards at the 2014 Icelandic Film Awards including Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor & Actress, and Original Score and screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.
97 min. In Icelandic with English subtitles.

About the director

Ragnar Bragason is one of Iceland's most popular and critically acclaimed filmmakers of the younger generation. He is best known for his twin feature-films Children/Börn (2006) andParents/Foreldrar (2007) and the popular TV series trilogy The Night Shift/Næturvaktin (2007), The Day Shift/Dagvaktin (2008), and The Prison Shift/Fangavaktin (2009).

Bragason got his start making short videos in college. After directing a large number of music videos, short films, and documentaries, he released his first feature-length film Fiasco/Fiaskó in 2000. In his earlier work, Bragason uses traditional ways of writing and directing, but more recently has followed methods similar to those of Mike Leigh and John Cassavetes of working with his actors to create characters and screenplays through improvisation.

His work has been nominated and won numerous times for the Icelandic Edda Annual Film & TV Awards. In 2000 Fiasco was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Cairo International Film Festival; in 2007 Children won the Golden Swan for Best Film at the Copenhagen International Film Festival and the award for Best Direction at the Transylvania International Film Festival. 

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The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared/Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann

March 25 & 27

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared/Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvannDirected by Felix Herngren (Sweden, 2013). Hapless protagonist Allan Karlsson (Robert Gustafsson) is about to celebrate his 100th birthday and a celebration for him is in the works at his retirement home. Despite his age, Karlsson is alert and uninterested in enjoying the party in his honor. Instead, he climbs out a window and disappears.

Embarking on an unexpected journey involving several murders and a suitcase full of cash, Karlsson soon turns the entire nation on its head, dining with future President Harry S. Truman, hitchhiking with Winston Churchill, traveling on a riverboat with the wife of Mao Zedong, and walking the Himalayas on foot.

Based on the award-winning and international best-selling novel by Swedish author Jonas Jonasson (Piratförlaget, 2009; Hyperion Books, 2012), the film is the unlikely story of a 100-year-old man who decides that it's not too late to start over.
112 min. In Swedish with English subtitles.

About the director

Felix HerngrenFelix Herngren (b. 1967) is a renowned Swedish director, writer, producer, and actor. He is also the founder, creative director, and co-owner of FLX, Sweden's leading comedy production company. In 2001 The Gunn Report ranked him the 5th Best Commercial Director in the world.

Herngren's breakthrough came in the 1990s with the hit-television series S*M*A*S*H and his on-screen, cult icon characters Papi Raul, Dan Bäckman, and Tim Hibbins. In 1999 he made his feature film debut with the comedy Adult Behavior/Vuxna Människor, a film he both directed and acted in alongside Fredrik Lindström. In 2006 his second comedy Every Other Week/Varannan Vecka was released, which he co-wrote, directed, and acted in with Hannes Holm, Hans Ingemansson, and Måns Herngren.

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared is his most recent project that premiered in Sweden on Christmas Day 2013.

The Reunion/Återträffen

April 8 & 10

The Reunion/ÅterträffenDirected by Anna Odell (Sweden, 2013). Bullied as a child, controversial Swedish conceptual artist and director Anna Odell ruthlessly places herself in the midst of a situation of her own staging, based on real events: when she doesn't receive an invitation to her class' 20th reunion, Odell makes a film about what could have happened if she attended the reunion and confronted her former bullies, investigating how far "too far" really is.

After the fictional reunion, Odell visits her real, former classmates to show them the made-up film and documents their reaction. From there on, the film escalates into an extreme revenge fantasy that blurs the line between documentary and fiction filmmaking with Odell's reflections on bullying, guilt, and responsibility.
89 min. In Swedish with English subtitles.

About the director

Anna OdellAnna Odell (b. 1973) is a Swedish artist and film director. She initiated an intense cultural debate about psychiatric care with her art graduation project, Unknown Woman/Okänd, kvinna 2009-349701, at the University College of Art, Craft, and Design in Stockholm in 2009, which was later shown that same year at the Kalmars Konstmuseum. The provocative film was made to reconstruct Odell's own psychological breakdown in 1995, not as therapy, but to prove the power structures within Sweden's healthcare system and Swedish society's view of psychological illnesses.

Controversy erupted with the film's release; in January 2009 Odell staged her own suicide attempt and psychological breakdown and psychosis. After being admitted to Saint Göran Hospital by police she then revealed to the hospital staff that she had faked her mental illness for her art film. She was later accused of violent resistance to police arrest and making a false alarm. The court found her guilty and imposed a fine on her with a reduced sentence given that she had no criminal intent behind her actions.

In 2013 Odell made her directorial debut with the film The Reunion, which explores societal power structures and unhealthy hierarchies within schools. The film made its premiere at the 2014 Venice Film Festival, after having made its Swedish premiere in November 2013. The Reunion won two Guldbagge Awards for Best Film and Best Screenplay in 2014.

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The Hour of the Lynx/I lossens time

April 22 & 24

The Hour of the Lynx/I lossens timeDirected by Søren Kragh-Jacobsen (Denmark, 2013). In a high-security psychiatric hospital, teenager Drengen (Frederik Christian Johansen) has attempted suicide following "instructions from God." His psychiatrist Lisbeth (Signe Egholm Olsen) appeals to female priest Helen (Sophie Gråbøl) to help understand his motives.

Originally incarcerated for the brutal double murder of an elderly couple, Drengen has been responding well to Lisbeth's project to help inmates by assigning them pets. But a series of events has led to change, resulting in the attempt on his own life. Fearing a repeat attempt, Lisbeth convinces Helen to try and grasp the truth behind the boy's behavior.

In a race against time, the two women begin a shocking journey into the mind of a deeply disturbed young man. And what is discovered will change them both forever.

Adapted from the award-winning play by Per Olov Enquist, The Hour of the Lynx is a profound exploration of the fragility of faith and the redeeming power of love.
100 min. In Danish with English subtitles.

About the director

Søren Kragh-JacobsenSøren Kragh-Jacobsen is one of Denmark's most successful film directors, a musician, songwriter, and co-founder of the Dogme95 project for creating films without artificial technology or techniques.

Graduating in documentary films in 1970 at FAMU in Prague, Kragh-Jacobsen's 1978 debut feature Wanna See My Beautiful NavelVil du se min smukke navle? and follow-up Rubber Tarzan/Gummi-Tarzan (1981) went on to become modern classics helping to define the youth film genre not only in Denmark, but also all over the Nordic countries.

It was followed by Isfugle (1983), Emma's Shadow/Skyggen af Emma (1988), Guldregn (1988),The Boys from St. Petri/Drengene fra St. Petri (1991), The Island on Bird Street/Øen i Fuglegade (1997), Mifune/Mifunes sidste sang (1999), Skagerrak (2003), and What No One Knows/Det som ingen ved (2008).

Several of Kragh-Jacobsen's films have won Danish Academy Awards for Best Film and his international honors include the UNICEF 1st Prize for Best Children's Feature at the 1982 Berlin Film Festival for Rubber Tarzan; Special Jury Prize for Emma's Shadow at the 1990 Paris Film Festival; a Golden Bear Nomination at the 1997 Berlin Film Festival and 3 subsequent Emmy Awards for The Island on Bird Street; Grand Jury Silver Bear and Audience Award at the 1999 Berlin Film Festival for Mifune; and a Golden St. George Nomination at the 2003 Moscow International Film Festival for SkagerrakWhat No One Knows screened in the Berlinale's prestigious Panorama selection in 2008.

He also acted as the concept director on DR's political drama series Borgen (2010-13).

Besides directing, Kragh-Jacobsen is a much loved singer songwriter with several successful albums to his credit.


April 29 & May 1

Northwest/NordvestDirected by Michael Noer (Denmark, 2013). Northwest is one of the most impoverished, multi-ethnic areas of Copenhagen. Living here with his mother, younger brother, and little sister is 18-year-old Casper (Gustav Dyekjær Giese), who struggles to make ends meet based on selling stolen goods to Jamal (Dulfi Al-Jabouri) one of the neighborhood's gang leaders.

When organized crime hits Northwest, the hierarchy of the neighborhood shifts and Casper is offered a chance to climb the ranks. Soon he is hurled into a world of drugs, violence, and prostitution, and as matters escalate, his childhood playground becomes a battlefield.  Consequently Casper finds himself and his family in the dead center of a conflict that threatens to destroy them all.
91 min. In Danish with English subtitles.

About the director

Michael NoerAward-winning Danish director Michael Noer graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 2003, specializing in documentary filmmaking.

His first feature film (2010), co-directed by Tobias Lindholm, and the documentaries Vesterbro (2007) and The Wild Hearts (2008) have marked him as one of the most talented directors of his time. won top awards at Gothenburg and Mumbai film festivals plus several accolades at the two top annual Danish awards ceremonies Bodil and Robert. For their work on the film, Noer and Lindholm received the Nordisk Film Award in 2010 and the Carl Th. Dreyer Award in 2011. His films show Noer to be an empathetic and patient filmmaker with a distinct talent for combining unfeigned interest and loyalty regarding his characters with a highly developed sense of intimacy and nuances in individual scenes.

Noer's second feature film Northwest was selected for the 2013 Gothenburg International Film Festival, where the film was nominated for the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film and Noer won the FIPRESCI Prize.

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May 6 & 8

This film will be announced at a later date. Please check this space for more information.


May 13 & 15

This film will be announced at a later date. Please check this space for more information.

Special thanks to The Danish Film Institute, Estonian Film Institute, The Finnish Film Foundation, Making Movies Oy. Media Luna, The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, The Norwegian Film Institute, and The Swedish Film Institute.

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Ongoing, 5 – 10 pm (Last seating @ 9 pm)
$33 per person ($29 ASF Members)

Pairing top-notch Scandinavian cinema with fine Nordic cuisine, Smörgås Chef @ Scandinavia House continues its popular Dinner & a Movie prix-fixe 2-course dinner menu. Available from 5 to 10 pm (the last seating is at 9 pm), this ongoing offer features a selection of favorite dishes including herb-roasted chicken, cured gravlaks and Swedish meatballs, and include one admission to that evening's film screening.

For reservations, please call Smörgås Chef @ Scandinavia House at 212.686.4230 or visit

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