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The Remember Me Project
Scandinavian American Theater Company

Monday, September 21, 8 pm
$15 ($10 ASF Members)

Scandinavian American Theater Company (SATC) begins its sixth season with a special work-in-progress presentation of Finnish playwright Minna Nurmelin's Remember Me (2012). Offset by sharp dialogue and off-beat humor, Remember Me is a highly perceptive, unconventional tragicomedy about painful life experiences and a moving, yet light-hearted probe into the recesses of the human psyche.

Minna NurmelinHelena, a photographer in her thirties, decides to sell her home after a difficult divorce. Her real estate agent Anna, a single woman in her fifties, comes to see the apartment, but their negotiations never get underway. Anna is in the early stages of dementia and Helena cannot stop wallowing in her broken marriage.

Both women are at turning points in their lives as they face the future. Drawing strength from one another, they tackle life's big questions in an attempt to regain control.

The audience is invited to witness Remember Me's production process while interacting with SATC's creative team, including Nurmelin and director Drew O'Kane.

About the playwright

Minna Nurmelin is a freelance playwright and director from Helsinki, Finland. In 1999 she graduated from the Theater Academy at the University of Arts Helsinki with a M.F.A. in Directing.

Nurmelin's work often centers on themes of female identity, abandonment, and the need for love, and ranges in style from physically visual to minimalistic, dialogue-based theater. Women confront the most vulnerable aspects of themselves and one another in her plays, facing up to personal tragedies, memories, and emotions. All of this the playwright and director depicts with keen humor, even when a situation appears to be nothing less than desperate.

In recent years Nurmelin has shifted her artistic method from group-based work to independent playwriting and directing. Her first play, The Woman Who wanted to Faint (2010), is a series of amusing sketches about women's sexuality. Co-authored by Annu Volanen, Harvala (2012), the work that followed, is the tale of three sisters gathered around their mother's deathbed – a poetic study of the joys and anguish of family relationships. Remember Me premiered at the Open Doors Theater in Helsinki (2012) and was widely popular with audiences and critics. Dreamteam, her latest work (2014), takes an ironic look at the vagaries of employment, life management, and modern therapy.

About the director

Drew O'Kane studied acting at the William Esper Studio and earned his B.A. in Film Studies from Boston College. As a part of SATC, O'Kane oversees the hiring of crew and casting for each of SATC's productions and produces SATContemporary Reading Series. Within SATC he has also worked as a Director, Stage Manager, Assistant Director, and Production Manager.

About Scandinavian American Theater Company (SATC)

SATC is a collective of theater artists founded to provide Scandinavian perspectives through the new generation of Scandinavian playwrights and theater artists. SATC presents contemporary plays and inventive takes on the classics from the Nordic region. SATC is committed to strengthening the relationship between Scandinavia and the United States through collaborations and interdisciplinary artistic exchange that examine and challenge the cultural status quo.

Presented by arrangement with Nordic Drama Corner.

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Upcoming Performing Arts Series

SATContemporary Reading Series

Monday, October 5 , 7:30 pm | Pre-reception 7 pm
Series continues fall 2015 & winter 2016
Free | RSVP strongly encouraged

The SATContemporary Reading Series consists of five staged readings that take place throughout the year, in which Scandinavian American Theater Company (SATC) introduces a new generation of Nordic playwrights.

We Are the Voice of Our People
& I Love You, Let Me Go

October 5

We Are the Voice of Our People

Written by Marius Leknes Snekkevåg (Norway, 2013) and translated by Kyle Korynta (U.S., 2013). Based on contributions collected from the commentary fields of Norwegian internet newspapers and sewn together with the playwright's own words, Marius Leknes Snekkevåg's We Are the Voice of Our People juxtaposes the conversations and interactions between the characters in the “in-between-world” of internet debates with those of real human interactions.

We Are the Voice of Our People was performed as a reading at Akvavit Theatre in Chicago in 2013.

I Love You, Let Me Go

Written and translated by Marius Leknes Snekkevåg (Norway, 2013). In I Love You, Let Me Go the couple Jon and Siv meet regularly for dinner with their neighbor, Martin, who suddenly announces he has a new boyfriend. The mysterious relationship mirrors the couple's inability to move on from a major tragedy in their lives.

About the playwright

Marius Leknes Snekkevåg (b. 1980) is a Norwegian playwright who attended Westerdals School of Communication (2001-04). He made his debut in 2008 with the play The Net: A Psychological Thriller in collaboration with Save the Children. The following year his piece I Love You, Let Me Go was selected as one of the five main productions at The Norwegian Playwright's Festival. In 2011, the commissioned work Rabinowitz was nominated for The Hedda Award (The Norwegian Tony award) for Production of the Year. Other performed works include: Witch (2012) and Give Me A Happily Ever After! (2013).

We Are the Voice of Our People and I Love You, Let Me Go are presented in arrangement with Nordiska.

SATContemporary Reading Series is sponsored by The Samuel Christensen Law Firm and presented in association with the Consulate General of Denmark New York, the Consulate General of Finland in New York, the Consulate General of Iceland in New York, the Royal Norwegian Consulate General of New York, the Consulate General of Sweden in New York, and Scandinavia House.

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