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Saturday Art Workshop for Kids Color With Studio Finna

Works by Paul Osipow

$12 (Free for ASF Members), Ages 5-10
Advance registration recommended

Scandinavia House presents Saturday Art Workshops for children ages 5 and up! This fall, kids will explore themes related to our exhibition Cutting Edges, with artist-led workshops that each address one of the central themes of concrete art explored in the Gallery show. Pure forms, colors, and principles of concrete art will invite us to experiment and explore new narratives in playful ways.





In today’s workshop, kids will see and be inspired by the works of Paul Osipow, a pioneer of the colorful Pop-Art movement who inspired many designers of that time. Studio Finna will then lead a workshop inspired by Osipow’s art and Pop Art-era aesthetics, in which we will focus on pure forms and colors while building prototype models of our imaginary happy places — such as fantastic hideaways, treehouses, and colorful huts!