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Attachment New Nordic Cinema


THU—February 9—7 PM
105 min. In Danish/English with English subtitles
$13 ($8 ASF Members)

“An essential queer love story suffocated by one woman’s past, and her partner’s unshakable quest to hold on”—see the new Danish horror romance film Attachment (Natten Har Øjne, dir. Gabriel Bier Gislason, Denmark 2022) screening February 9 at Scandinavia House!

Maja, a has-been actress in Denmark, falls in love with Leah, a young Jewish academic visiting from the UK. But when Leah suffers a mysterious seizure, Maja fears their whirlwind romance might be cut short, and decides to follow Leah back to her home in London, where she meets her new downstairs neighbor — Leah’s mother, Chana. An overbearing, seemingly religious and highly secretive woman, Chana seems resistant to all of Maja’s attempts to win her over. And as Maja notices strange occurrences in the building, she begins to suspect that Chana’s secrets could be much darker than first anticipated.

“Steeped in Jewish folklore and strengthened even further by a superb supporting cast… a captivating, confident and deeply moving little miracle of a film”—AWFJ



Special thanks to Shudder.

About the Director

Gabriel Bier Gislason is a writer/director from Copenhagen. Based out of London and New York for over a decade, he recently returned to his Denmark after graduating from NYU’s Grad Film Program. His first feature, Attachment,

a Danish-UK horror romance steeped in Jewish mythology, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in June 2022, followed by, among others, Fantastic Fest and the BFI London Film Festival.


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