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The Fight for Greenland Cinema at Scandinavia House: Spotlight Greenland


WED—May 10—7 PM
$13 ($8 ASF Members)
95 min. In Greenlandic & Danish with English subtitles

“Far-reaching, impassioned and densely detailed” (Screen Daily) — on May 10, see the documentary The Fight for Greenland /Kampen om Grønland (dir. Kenneth Sorento, Denmark/Greenland/Norway, 2020) in the series Spotlight Greenland, held this April and May in coordination with our ongoing exhibition Arctic Highways!

The Fight for Greenland offers a unique and character-driven insight into the heated debate about independency, language, and identity that rages in modern-day Greenland. The world’s largest island has been part of Denmark since 1721, but a significant majority of the 56,000 inhabitants now want independence — they feel their culture and language is threatened, and is the main reason for the many suicides among young people. The Danish-speaking Greenlanders, however, feel discriminated, and want to keep the ties to Denmark. Sorento’s follows four strong-willed and dynamic young Greenlanders — Tillie, Kaaleeraq, Josef, and Paninnguaq — who each in their own way insist on taking responsibility for the future of their country. Though they deeply disagree on which direction their country should follow, all are fighting for a better Greenland.


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