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The Nordic Model Sweden's Welfare System & The Future of Work

Photo by Sofia Sabel/Imagebank Sweden

WED—November 20—6:30 PM, free

In this new series, speakers at Scandinavia House will explore the reasons why Nordic countries lead surveys of societies with high levels of trust, happiness, gender equality, and quality of life. By many measures, these countries are among the most successful societies worldwide. In these lectures, we’ll look at how individual countries have successfully addressed certain issues that confront all societies.

Sweden is known for its top-ranking work-life balance. The series will continue this month with a discussion on Sweden’s successful balancing of high wages, strong unions, regulated markets and generous welfare. Despite all this, how has Sweden managed to become a dream location for entrepreneurs and innovation? What does the future of work look like in the age of digitalization and automation, and what lessons can be learned from Sweden and the US?



Here to discuss these questions are David Crouch (author of books Bumblebee Nation: The Hidden Story of the Swedish Model and Almost Perfekt: How Sweden Works and What We Can Learn From It), Sarita Gupta (Director of Future of Work(ers) at Ford Foundation), and Lena Sellgren (Chief Economist at Business Sweden), moderated by Elizabeth Walentin (Director of the Forum for Global Business at the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation).