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Postponed — Screenshot Book Talk with Bergur Ebbi




**Tonight’s event has been postponed.** 

**Tonight’s event has been postponed.** We look forward to welcoming Bergur Ebbi back at a future date. Please check website for program updates.

Icelandic author Bergur Ebbi reads passages from Screenshot, an exploration of the human condition in a digital world, now in new translation by Larissa Kyzer. Do modern people no longer fear fire and destruction, but rather the fact that from now on nothing will ever be deleted or forgotten? In this journey through the human mind and the modern-day challenges, Bergur Ebbi looks at connections between fake news and artificial intelligence, the way it is to live in a society in which everything is always rated, and other contemporary dilemmas, dissecting the contradictions we face today. 


In this event, Bergur Ebbi will give an energetic talk about Screenshot‘s subjects, based on a lecture on the book which now runs in The Reykjavík City Theatre. Following the discussion, copies of the book will be available for purchase and signing. 

About the Author

Bergur Ebbi is an Icelandic speaker and author of the books Room Temperature (2017) and Screenshot (2019). In addition to books, he has written, performed and produced work for stage, radio and television. 

A former lawyer, Bergur Ebbi also holds a degree in future studies and gives talks and produces works of strategy and futures thinking. His main themes are the influence of technology on individual and collective identity, fashion, zeitgeist and popular culture.

**Tonight’s event has been postponed.** 

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