The Halldór Laxness Library


TUE-FRI—12-5 pm
Free for ASF Members, by appointment only; call to schedule appointments on Tuesday, Thursdays & Fridays

Visitors to the Halldór Laxness Library, named in honor of the 1955 Icelandic Nobel Laureate, can browse through novels by Scandinavian writers, research travel destinations, and catch up on Nordic news and cultural events with a variety of newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals. The Library also offers a complete set of Scandinavian Review since its inaugural issue in 1913, as well as copies of the classics of Scandinavian literature in translation and other books on Nordic topics published by ASF from 1914-1980.


The Library’s collection includes literature and non-fiction books from and about the five Nordic countries, as well as books about Scandinavia as a region, the American-Scandinavian experience, Vikings, and more. There is also a large selection of art books and books written by former or current “Fellows” of the American-Scandinavian Foundation.


An extensive collection of periodicals from and about the Nordic countries is also available.


The Library includes two major series of publications by the American-Scandinavian Foundation:

• Books published by the American-Scandinavian Foundation from 1914- 1980
• Bound volumes of Scandinavian Review, the journal of the American-Scandinavian Foundation, from 1912 to present