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Hunting for Hecla: The Danish-Norwegian Contribution to NYC's Modern Architecture

Photo by the American-Scandinavian Foundation

MON – 10-7-2013 – 6:30 PM

Norwegian father and son duo, the architect and writer Jan and photographer Are Carlsen, with video director Ninja Benneche, enthusiastically tell the relatively unknown story of Williamsburg-based Hecla Iron Works and its two pioneering founders Carl Michael Eger (Norwegian, 1843 – 1916) and the ASF’s founder Niels Poulson (Danish, 1843 – 1911) during the early 20th century, a vital period of growth for New York City as a modern metropolis developing its modern architectural language.

Amongst their discoveries of buildings that Hecla contributed to are the American Surety Building, Dakota House, B. Altman & Co. Department Store, Macomb´s Dam Bridge and 155th Street Viaduct, Grand Central Station, the New York Stock Exchange, Flatiron Building, Lullwater Bridge, and several original kiosks for the IRT subway system.