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Virtual Programming From Scandinavia House Now Streaming

4-1-2020 THROUGH 5-31-2022

Programs are added on a regular basis; check Calendar menu to see all upcoming.


Salka Valka by Halldór Laxness: Philip Roughton & Doug Mcintyre

The Border — Book Talk with Erika Fatland & Jessica Case

Secrets of the Sprakkar with First Lady of Iceland Eliza Reid: Curtis L. Carlson Lecture & Book Talk

Tractatus Philosophico-Poeticus: Book Talk w/ Signe Gjessing, Denise Newman & Rosie Ellison-Balaam

Down Иorth | Иorður Og Niður | Ner Till Иorr: North Atlantic Triennial Virtual Program

Nordic Literature in Translation: Damascus, Atlantis

The Sixteen Trees of the Somme with Lars Mytting & Paul Russell Garrett

Glacier Elegies With Jaanika Peerna, Riitta Ikonen, Annette Solakoglu & Zoë Foster

Screenshot — Book Talk with Bergur Ebbi

The Photography of Edvard Munch with Patricia G. Berman, MaryClaire Pappas, & Edward Gallagher


Helene: Trailer + Film Talk with Laura Birn & Antti J. Jokinen

For the Love of Cod — Book Talk with Eric Dregni

Nordic Literature In Translation: The Land of Short Sentences with Stine Pilgaard & Hunter Simpson

Nordic Literature In Translation with Randi Ward & Kim Simonsen

Duodji Reader: Sámi Book Talk with Irene Snarby, Gunvor Guttorm, Tonje Kjellevold, & Harald Gaski

Music on Park Avenue with Per Tengstrand & Katie Liu — Bach, Mozart and Schubert

River Kings: A New History of the Vikings — Talk with Dr. Cat Jarman

Grassroots Resettlement — Refugee Support & Community Creation in Scandinavia House

The Familiar & The Absurd: Literature from Copenhagen — Virtual Panel

Present Tense Machine — Book Talk with Gunnhild Øyehaug & Jennifer Offill

Friluftsliv – Lost in the Mountains: Nature Literature from Norway with Torbjørn Ekelund & Are Kalvø

Young Children & Teachers’ Experiences During Covid — Perspectives from the U.S. & Scandinavia

Repatriation & Restitution In The Nordic Countries — Panel Discussion

The Book Of Reykjavík — Virtual Book Talk

Twilight Man — Book Talk with Liz Brown & Justine Kurland

The Pastor — Virtual Book Talk with Hanne Ørstavik & Rebecca Dinerstein Knight

Louis Kahn As Teacher: A Conversation with Charles E. Dagit

Dog Park — Virtual Book Talk with Sofi Oksanen & Bethanne Patrick


Awake — Virtual Book Talk with Harald Voetmann, Johanne Sorgenfri Ottosen, & Denise Rose Hansen

Architecture & Design Learning on Both Sides of the Atlantic — Panel

The Viking Heart — Virtual Book Talk with Arthur Herman

After The Sun — Virtual Book Talk With Jonas Eika, Sherilynn Hellberg & Katrine Øgaard Jensen

The Real Valkyrie — Virtual Book Talk with Nancy Marie Brown & Anna Dís Ólafsdóttir

Virtual Concert — Oskar Stenmark & Alex Pryrodny

Bolla — Virtual Book Talk with Pajtim Statovci and Bethanne Patrick

Virtual Concert — Jostein Gulbrandsen Trio

Magma – Virtual Book Talk with Thóra Hjörleifsdóttir, Meg Matich, & Larissa Kyzer

Vasa In Conversation: With Adam Davies, Fred Hocker, & Joan Wickersham

Sweden’s Response to the Coronavirus: An Update — With Lars Trägårdh

Stranger’s Guide to Scandinavia — Panel Discussion

The Employees — Virtual Book Talk with Olga Ravn & Martin Aitken

Outgoing Vessel & Sense Violence — Virtual Poetry Reading & Discussion

Indigenous Activism in the Nordic Countries — Virtual Panel

Big Heart, Strong Hands — Book Talk with Anne Helene Gjelstad & Moderator Erika Larsen

My Friend Natalia — Book Talk with Laura Linstedt & David Hackston

Fred Jüssi: The Beauty of Being — Film Talk With Jaan Tootsen & David Rothenberg

Aalto — Film Talk with Virpi Suutari & moderator Peter Reed

Capturing Sustainability in the Arctic — Panel Discussion

The Good Traitor — Film Talk with Christina Rosendahl & Ulrich Thomsen

Force of Habit — Virtual Film Talk with Reetta Aalto & Alli Happasalo

Masculinity & Culture — The Making of a Man with Lo Dagerman & Mark Greene


A Silenced Voice — The Life of Journalist Kim Wall: Book Talk with Ingrid & Joachim Wall

Louis Kahn 120 Celebration
Harriet Pattison, Nathaniel Kahn & William Whitaker

The Memory Theater: Book Talk with Karin Tidbeck

The Copenhagen Trilogy by Tove Ditlevsen: Literary Panel
Michael Favala Goldman, Morten Høi Jensen, Rachel Kushner & Brian Lerner

Race, Identity & Belonging in the Nordic Countries — Panel Discussion
Elizabeth Löwe Hunter, Jasmine Kelekay, Susani Mahadura with ASF Fellow Ethelene Whitmire

Race in the Colonial Past and Present: Virtual Conversation with La Vaughn Belle and Jeanette Ehlers

Jonas Mekas: Filming Independence — Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR

The Women I Think About at Night: Book Talk with Mia Kankimäki & Heli Sirviö

Virtual Nordic Holiday Cooking & Glögg: With Morten Sohlberg & Ulrika Bengtsson

St. Lucia Celebration: Virtual Discussion & Performance with Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz

Woman at War: Film Talk with Benedikt Erlingsson & Ann Hornaday
Taste of Iceland

Polar Tales: Book Talk with Melissa Schäfer & Fredrik Granath

The 3rd Annual Sámi Film Festival: Panel Discussion
Rebecca King, Elle Sofe Sara, Silja Somby, Dr. Troy Storfjell, Ánne Mággá Wigelius with Dr. Amanda Doxtater

Monster Party Workshop with Satu Kettunen

The Blinding Sea: Virtual Film Talk with George Tombs

Policing & Police Reform in the Nordic Countries
Lars Holmberg, Kimmo Himberg, & Margrét Valdimarsdóttir, with Vaness Barker

Sweden’s Response to the Coronavirus

Equity, Inclusion, & Immigration in the Nordic Countries: Virtual Panel
Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité, Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Simon Pasternak & Marcus Samuelsson


The Worst Person in the World — Film Talk with Joachim Trier & Renate Reinsve

Flee — Film Talk with director Jonas Poher Rasmussen

Radiograph of a Family: Film Q&A with Firouzeh Khosrovani & Teddy Grouya


In the Mirror Film Q&A: New York Baltic Film Festival

Runner Film Q&A: New York Baltic Film Festival

Gentle Warriors Film Q&A: New York Baltic Film Festival

Dawn of War Film Q&A: New York Baltic Film Festival

Goodbye Soviet Union Film Q&A: New York Baltic Film Festival

Tree Opera Film Q&A: New York Baltic Film Festival

Wild East Film Q&A — New York Baltic Film Festival

Kratt Film Q&A — New York Baltic Film Festival

Isaac Film Q&A — New York Baltic Film Festival

A Year Full of Drama Film Q&A: New York Baltic Film Festival

Emīlija — Queen of the Press Film Q&A: New York Baltic Film Festival

The Jump Film Q&A — New York Baltic Film Festival

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Virtual Studio Visit with Pieper Bloomquist



Athena Farrokhzad, Johannes Heldén, Mara Lee, Carolina Setterwall with Elizabeth Clark Wessel

Johanna Domokos & Niillas Holmberg with Harald Gaski

Jan Grue, Roy Jacobsen, Kaja Kvernbakken, Ruth Lillegraven, with Karen Havelin

Rakel Helmsdal, Carl Jóhan Jensen, Marjun Syderbø Kjælnes, with Kerri Pierce

Selja Ahava, Rosa Liksom, Johanna Sinisalo, & Antti Tuomainen, with Lola Rogers

The Imposter Poets

Shadi Angelina Bazeghi, Jonas Eika, Maja Lee Langvad, Dorthe Nors, & Ursula Andkjær Olsen, with Katrine Øgaard Jensen


Rain Rannu, Māris Prombergs, Paula Bērziņa, Dovilė Butnoriūtė, Tomas Vengris

Vallo Toomla, Jānis Nords, Ignas Jonynas, Maria Reinup

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Out Stealing Horses: Film Talk with Hans Petter Moland & Intro with Liam Neeson

The Teachers’ Protest — Film Discussion with Jon Seal & Erik Brakstad

LGBTQ Cinema in the Nordic Countries

Virtual Midsummer Celebration!

Refugees and the Coronavirus with Jan Egeland

Design Learning Workshop with Mari Savio

Norway’s Response to the Coronavirus — With Dr. Frode Forland

The Painter & The Thief Premiere Talk — With Benjamin Ree and Barbora Kysilkova

Museums From Home with Kendra Greene

Music on Park Avenue Online: Per Tengstrand Interview & Performance

Sweden’s Response to the Coronavirus — With Historian Lars Trägårdh

Iceland’s Response to the Coronavirus — With Dr. Gudrun Aspelund