Groundbreaking ambassadors to Swedish jazz MUSICMUSICMUSIC and the wild and inventive quartet The Splendor join forces to present a fresh and exciting evening of contemporary music

that combines acoustic jazz with live electronics and will reach audiences beyond the traditional borders of jazz.


In their native Sweden, trio MUSICMUSICMUSIC (MMM) has been hailed as one of the most vital music experiences to hit the jazz scene in years. With a passion for experimentation and an ever-present joy in playing, the group skillfully takes on classical jazz compositions as well as original work by the group’s pianist Fabian Kallerdahl, nominated for the Best Jazz Musician of the Year award by Swedish National Radio (2011) and winner of the Jazz in Sweden Prize (2006). Bassist Josef Kallerdahl and drummer Michael Edlund are also two of the most sought after jazz artists on the Swedish scene.

After 12 years as groundbreaking ambassadors to Swedish contemporary jazz, MMM has established the trio as an institution in Swedish jazz and toured extensively, garnering praise in the Nordic countries and abroad. Their seventh album Buen Sabor (HOOB Records, 2013) stems from their worldly musical adventures, is a thank you to everyone the world over who, in one way or another, made an impact on MMM’s music, and is a promise to keep up the work for at least another 10 years.

MMM previously performed at Scandinavia House in 2008.

About The Splendor

The Splendor is a jazz quartet from Göteborg that strives to give unpolished details and unexpected ideas a leading role in its music. The band members – Fabian Kallerdahl, piano; Josef Kallerdahl, bass; Lars “Lade” Källfelt, drums; and Lisen Rylander Löve, sax, clarinet – are some of Sweden’s most renowned jazz musicians and their joint CV includes tours in every corner of the world and performances at the most prestigious festivals and clubs.

The starting point of their sound is acoustic jazz with elements of live electronics. Based upon short themes or longer compositions, the quartet creates its music through improvisation and an approach that is free-minded and curious. The result is magical, innovative, spiritual, and wild jazz. The Splendor has toured in Sweden and Europe and released three critically-acclaimed albums: Sound of Splendor (2008); Delphian Palace (2011); and Forest (2014). Each album has been nominated for a Manifest Prize in Best Jazz category. The latest album – Forest – was released as a double vinyl.

Special thanks to the Consulate General of Sweden, New York.



Photo Courtesy of ensemble mise-en

THU – 6-18-2015 – 7:00 PM
$20 ($15 ASF Members