Norwegian experimental music group Ensemble neoN returns to Scandinavia House for a new performance of works across artistic forms and music genres. 

In this performance, they will present a selection of music from Norway spanning mini talk-shows by Kristine Tjøgersen; video and sound pieces by Jan Martin Smørdal, Ane Marthe Holen and Lars Skoglund; and My Red Red Blood, an excursion into the sound world of Marina Rosenfeld that is the product of a long-lasting collaboration between neoN and the American composer.

About the Artists

Ensemble neoN strives to initiate, produce and perform music that reflects current trends in music and other artforms. Ensemble neoN hopes to be an inspirational contributor to the continually expanding borders of the musical world. The ensemble creates works which cross musical genres and artforms, demanding flexibility and creativity from its members and those the ensemble collaborates with.

Formed in 2008 from a group of musicians educated at The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway as a result of shared passionate interest in contemporary music, the ensemble comprises nine musicians, two composers and a conductor.


Ensemble neoN aims to present music at the highest level possible, focusing on Norwegian and international works. In addition to performing new compositions, Ensemble neoN has established itself as a group of musicians who are involved with the creation of cross-genre projects between popular music and Western art music. neoN also works across artistic forms, collaborating with visual artists, performing artists and installation artists to produce new and exciting works.

In 2016 Ensemble neoN released their debut album neoN which was awarded the Norwegian Grammy in the category Contemporary Music. In 2017 Ensemble neoN was awarded “Artist of the Year” by The Norwegian Composers Society.

Special thanks to MusicNorway, the Norwegian Society of Composers and the Norwegian Arts Council.



Image by Blunderbuss

TUEMAR 19—7:30 PM