Finnish-Swedish folk music group Jepokryddona brings a performance of music in the Jacobstad traditions of Jeppo, Finland to New York. The music of Jepokryddona springs from the Swedish speaking regions of Jeppo in Nykarleby, Ostrobothnia, one of the few places in the world where the minuet and the polska remain part of a living tradition of playing and dancing.

Active since 1994 and led by Christine Julin-Häggman, Jepokryddona, with performances that have toured worldwide, this group of dedicated musicians delivers a young, fresh touch on the swing and fire of old fiddlers.

ABOUT Jepokryddona

Jepokryddona is a Finnish-Swedish folk music group that has been active since 1994. The group mainly plays and sings old wedding music in the Jacobstad tradition, and has toured in the Nordics, Russia, Canada, USA, Germany and Australia. Jepokryddona released their second CD on May 1 2004.



Image courtesy of Ove Lillas

MONDAY—June 187 PM, free