Out of Scandinavia is an on-going series of uniquely selected musical performances the first Thursday of each month, headlining a myriad of fresh Nordic musicians that features one-off and premiere performances. Through subtle, deft curating of disparate styles, Out of Scandinavia will satiate your craving for innovative and compelling new indie music from the Nordics.

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Icelandic duo Feldberg was formed in January 2009 by Eberg (Einar Tönsberg) and Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld. Featuring the bluesy, soulful sound of Ísfeld’s vocals,

Feldberg creates music that is a combination of electronic, acoustic, folk and percussion elements, while maintaining a pop sensibility. The award-winning track Dreamin’ from their album Don’t be a Stranger (Cod Music, 2009) is featured on the much-coveted 2010 Kitsune Maison Compilation 9 Set.

Christine Owman

After the release of her first album Open Doors (Revolving Records, 2003) Christine Owman – half-Swedish and half-Danish – started experimenting with sounds, noise, instruments, effect pedals and different ways to record. The flaws and restrictions she encountered in that process became the strength of her sound and a contrast to the flawless, super-produced, and compressed MP3s of today.

Inspired by visual art, documentaries, and films Christine Owman also makes movie projections for all of her songs: “…They are another perspective of my music. And the contrasts they make express another side of me.”

She is known for her captivating and unconventional performances and music that is a dichotomous blend of dreamy folk and raw distortion, reverb, bass and noise expressed through clever, uninhibited lyrics. With comparisons to Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, Björk, Portishead, and Air, Owman is a young woman eager to express herself without the limitations of conventional boundaries.



Photo Courtesy of ensemble mise-en

THU – 12-2-2010 – 7:30 PM
Doors open at 7 PM
$10($8 ASF Members)