The Sonica Sequence is an installment in Swedish musician and composer Lisa Nordström’s ongoing project to meet international musicians and create improvised, site-specific sessions at different locations in the world. In this ongoing project, Lisa Nordström has traveled with her electronic instruments to Cuba, Japan, Cyprus and Indonesia in order to let improvised music form the basis of encounters with new musicians, by staging unexpected musical encounters between people from different cultures in locations ranging from abandoned and overgrown ballrooms, to subways and back alleys. This cinematic homage to people, places, and the sounds we create together proves that it is possible to communicate through music on a global journey.

In this event, we will presenting the 2017 documentary of these unique musical meetings, produced by Nordström and Pether Lindgren, followed by an exclusive, improvised live audio-visual performance from the artists and their guests. Lisa Nordström & Pether Lindgren will also present a Q&A after the performance.

About the Artists

Sonica Sequence — Official Trailer:

Lisa Nordström is an acclaimed musician in electronic and contemporary music. She likes to improvise layered and intricate soundscapes by exploring how to interact with the audience in contextual and site specific ways.

Pether Lindgren is a curator, producer and film director, with a special interest in boundary-spanning global collaboration and creation. He also operates the organization and record label ajabu!



Image courtesy of Sonica Sequence

THU—May 3—8 PM
$12 ($7 ASF Members)
In various languages with English subtitles.