The Tórshavn Chamber Choir travels from the Faroe Islands to New York to perform an a cappella concert of

Faroese choral music, interspersed with readings from the works of Nordic Council Literature Prize-winning author William Heinesen.

About the Choir

Founded in 1985 by then conductor Ólavur Jøkladal, the Tórshavn Chamber Choir is led today by Berharður Wilkinson (Faroese Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra) and comprised of 28 vocalists.

Recently the Choir sings music primarily by British and Icelandic composers. In their 28-year history, they have contributed to several recordings, both their own and those of others. With no permanent home, the Choir performs regularly throughout the Faroe Islands, especially in the churches of Tórshavn, and concert tours and festivals abroad, including Paris in 2010.



Photo Courtesy of ensemble mise-en

WED – 9-11-2013 – 7:00 PM