SAT—April 20—11 AM
$20 ($15 ASF Members)
Panel will be followed by a showcase and drop-in knitting event from 1-5 PM.

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Presented in this spring’s “Fog Swept Islands: Faroese Culture Days,” join us for a celebration of Faroese Design, Wool and Knitting! Today’s program will begin with a screening of the short documentary The Wool Islands (dir. Beinta á Torkilsheyggi and Marianna Mørkøre, 16 min.), followed by an introduction of the six Faroese brands participating in Fog Swept Islands: Einstakt, Shisa Brand, Navia, REKA, Steinum, and Durita Thomsen.

In the second part of the program, actress, model and sheep owner Isabella Rossellini will moderate a discussion with Sissal Kristiansen (Shisa Brand and The Wool Islands initiator), Jóhanna av Steinum (Steinum), and Óli Kristian á Torkilsheyggi (Navia). Their conversation will explore wool, traditions, knitting and fashion — how the Faroese (historically and to today) have contributed on these topics.

An ancient Faroese proverb says: “Ull er Føroya Gull” or “Wool is the Gold of the Faroe Islands.” This truly reflects the traditional way of life in the Faroes. Wool, woven fabric and knitted garments such as socks and sweaters were the main exports for centuries and, for many, the only source of income. Today, while the economy relies heavily on fishery, the knitting tradition continues to flourish, and is an integral part of the daily life and cultural identity of the Faroese. This panel will examine the ways in which the Faroese have contributed to global discussions of knitting, fashion, and sustainability, combining rooted traditions with exceptional creative diversity and innovation. The discussion will be followed by a Q&A.

The program will be followed by a Faroese Knitwear Showcase & Drop-In Knitting event from 1-5 PM, which is complementary for this program’s ticketholders and ASF Members ($5 for all other guests). Learn more and register here. 


REKA is recognized for its minimalistic and refined designs, meticulous attention to detail, and distinctive elements. Her collection, EINLITT, which translates to “one color” in English, emphasizes garment shapes, enhancing each piece’s unique form.

DURITA THOMSEN by designer Durita Jógvansdóttir Thomsen is a handcrafted fashion brand based in the Faroe Islands. The small and exclusive collection features captivating knitwear, one-of-a-kind waste yarn pieces, and upcycled creations inspired by traditional Faroese craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainable living. The style is characterized by individuality and comfort.

STEINUM‘s knitwear doesn’t just wrap you up; it wraps you in stories. STEINUM’s knitwear designs feature captivating patterns, vibrant colors, and occasional touches of humor. Drawing from Faroese traditions and international influences, the designs cater to individuals seeking to make a statement in any crowd.

Crafted from local wool and lovingly handcrafted on the islands, SHISA BRAND‘s creations pay homage to centuries of knitting tradition while strutting boldly into the contemporary scene. Shisa Brand isn’t just clothing; it’s outerwear with attitude.

EINSTAKT is all about purpose-driven design. Mixing classic Nordic aesthetics with a commitment to sustainability, their slow fashion ethos ensures that every piece is built to last. Its style with substance offers a timeless look that is as enduring as eco-conscious. The result are unique designs that withstand the test of time.

NAVIA isn’t just another yarn producer; it’s a beacon of Faroese creativity. From classic sweaters to intricate knitting patterns, their yarns inspire makers to knit their dreams into reality. Offering a wide range of hand-knitting yarns, including 100% Faroese wool yarns, Navia inspires creativity among customers while also providing sweaters and knitting patterns.


This spring, ASF presents Fog Swept Islands: Faroe Islands Culture Days,” a major celebration of the North Atlantic archipelago! During the month of April, we’ll be exploring the contemporary Faroese arts through a series of programs at Scandinavia House. These will include panels on current issues, literary and design talks, film screenings, and textile and culinary events, as well as the exhibition Fog Swept Cargo in the Scandinavia House Galleries. Read more about the celebration here, and see all upcoming programs here.

Images (L-R)—Isabella Rossellini; Photo courtesy Einstakt; Photo courtesy Durita Thomsen