As a film director, Bergman was also a choreographer. Throughout his films, and his theater works, Bergman’s “invisible hand” would constantly direct actors in a slow dance, showing his refined choreographed language in gestures such as the beautiful movement of a head, or an arm, or the blink of an eyelid.  Ingmar Bergman Through the Choreographer’s Eye, directed by Fredrik Stattin, presents performances by four Swedish choreographers interpreting Ingmar Bergman through dance: Alexander Ekman, Pär Isberg, Pontus Lidberg and Joakim Stephenson. These choreographers, with principal dancers from the Royal Swedish Ballet, have created four unique dance performances reflecting on human relations and intense feelings — the unspoken word transformed into movement. Linked with images of the epic natural beauty of Fårö, where the choreographers created the works, and Bergman’s poetic home Hammars, the documentary features voice narration of the master himself — Ingmar Bergman — revealing his thoughts about movements and music.




Some thoughts on Bergman and dance

Choreography & dance: Alexander Ekman

Music: Frédéric Chopin

Script: Ekman / Bergman 

Samband – Band – Saraband

Choreography: Pär Isberg

Dancers: Nadja Sellrup & Oscar Salomonsson

Music: J.S. Bach

Soloist: Torleif Thedéen



A pre-study

Choreography & dance: Pontus Lidberg

Music: Stefan Levin

Voice: Stina Ekblad

Dramaturge: Adrian Silver


Choreography: Joakim Stephenson

Dancers: Nathalie Nordquist & Jenny Nilson

Music: Stefan Levin

About the Choreographers

Alexander Ekman

This world-famous young choreographer has had nearly 25 productions in less than 10 years. Selected works: Tulle (2012), A Swan Lake (2014), Midsummer Nights Dream (2015), Cow (2016).

Pär Isberg

A former principal dancer with the Royal Swedish Ballet, Isberg’s version of Nutcracker from 1995 was a huge success. It has since then been performed over 250 times, still running with Royal Swedish Ballet.


Pontus Lidberg

Lidberg creates films as well as dance works for the stage. Lidberg received numerous awards for his film Rain from 2007. Shimmering Asphalt had a successful premiere with The New York City Ballet in January 2017.

Joakim Stephenson

A soloist dancer with the Royal Swedish Ballet, Stephenson started his transition towards choreography in 2000. Selected works: Butterfly Kiss (2005), The Winner Takes It All (2011), Sand (2015).



SATOctober 6—3 PM, free
51 min. In Swedish with English subtitles