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154 min. In Swedish with English subtitles.

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In this film directed by Liv Ullmann from a screenplay by Ingmar Bergman, loosely based on the legendary Swedish director’s own experiences of adultery, Faithless looks at an aging director named Bergman (Erland Josephson) as he conjures a character, Marianne, and imagines interviewing her about a life-changing affair. As Marianne begins her story, we see the events as they unfold: happily married to the orchestra conductor Markus with a young daughter named Isabelle, Marianne is close friends with the filmmaker David. When one day David proposes sleeping together, Marianne refuses, but soon finds herself growing attracted to him; and when separate opportunities bring both Marianne and David to Paris at the same time, they begin an affair.

As the affair continues back home, it becomes increasingly volatile and complicated by jealousy. And when their relationship is inevitably discovered by Markus, leading to a bitter divorce and vicious custody battle, its consequences have a devastating impact.

Sensitively and lucidly directed by Ullmann, Faithless has a precision, power, and emotional weight worthy of Ibsen or Strindberg. (Sweden, 2000)

“With absolute faith in its own seriousness and that of its audience, Faithless addresses the life of the mind, and the erotic life, with equal conviction – and searches the wound of existence unflinchingly. This is an unanswerably powerful film – a film for intelligent grown-ups.”—The Guardian

“As luminous as it is shattering, Faithless is complex, challenging and richly rewarding, and it glows with the kind of wrenchingly selfless portrayals that are the hallmark of the Bergman classics.”—Los Angeles Times


In celebration of Liv Ullmann, recipient of the 2019 ASF Gold Medal, Scandinavia House presents a retrospective of the acclaimed actress and director’s roles and work with leading auteurs.


Liv Ullmann (b. 1938) is first and foremost known for her work as an internationally recognized and respected Norwegian actress. She made her acting debut on the theater stage as Anne Frank at the regional theater Rogaland Teater in 1957. Her acting-career has since encompassed countless leading roles on many international stages, as well as in numerous film roles. Ullmann has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role twice (1973 and 1977), and has received over 40 other awards and accolades. She was widely acclaimed for her roles in Ingmar Bergman’s films, which also opened the doors for her international career.

Also as a director Ullmann has worked in both stage and film productions. She made her debut as a feature film director with the award-winning Swedish production Sophie in 1992, and has since directed another two feature films, one film made for television, and a documentary. The epic medieval drama Kristin Lavransdatter, arguably Ullmann’s principal work as a film director, premiered in 1995, and was met with both critical acclaim and nearly 700,000 tickets sold at the Norwegian box-office. The film had its international premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival, where it was awarded the Special Grand Prix of the Americas.

Besides directing for both stage and screen Ullmann has also continued her acting-career through the years, although she has selected to play fewer roles, and focus more on directing in later years. She has also written two best-selling books, several screen- and stage plays, and has devoted considerable amounts of her time as Goodwill ambassador to UNICEF. Ullmann is the recipient of numerous Norwegian and international awards and other accolades, of both professional and civilian nature, and has among other things been dubbed Honorary Citizen of Trondheim city and an Honorary Member of the Norwegian Actors Association. She has received both an honorary Norwegian National Film Award Amanda, and the highest accolade an official industry body in Norway can bestow on a filmmaker; the Aamot statuette. In 1977 Ullmann was also appointed Knight, 1st Class.


In celebration of Liv Ullmann, recipient of the 2019 ASF Gold Medal, Scandinavia House presents a retrospective of the acclaimed actress and director’s roles and work with leading auteurs.

The Wayward Girl
WED—November 13—6:30 PM

Miss Julie
THU—November 14—6:30 PM

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The Emigrants / Utvandrarna 
TUE—November 19—6:30 PM

The New Land / Nybyggarna
FRI—November 22—6:30 PM

Scenes From A Marriage / Scener Ur Ett Äktenskap
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WED—December 4—6:30 PM

The Abdication
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Kristin Lavransdatter
WED—December 11—6:30 PM

Faithless / Trolösa 
FRI—December 13—6:30 PM