During her wedding reception, young bride Unn Tove finds a newborn girl abandoned in a hotel restroom, and turns her over to social services. Sixteen years later that girl — now an adolescent, named Rosemari — turns up at her doorstep, looking for answers.

When Unn Tove, now a mother of two and a radio broadcaster, decides to help Rosemari on her quest in exchange for filming an episode on the story, both unravel their own complex histories as well as the mysterious love story behind Rosemari’s birth.

About the Director

Sara Johnsen is a highly acclaimed Norwegian director, author and screenwriter. Her latest feature, All That Matters is Past (2012), competed at the Toronto Film Festivals and was ranked one of the Ten Best Films at the Festival by The Independent UK. Sara’s box office success Upperdog (2009) won 5 AMANDA Awards (Norway), including Best Film and Best Director, and was chosen Best Film of the Year by the National Film Critics Norway and the Cinema Owners’ Association. Her first feature Kissed by Winter won the Canal+ Nordic Debutant Amanda Award and also the Grand Jury Prize at AFI (American Film Institute) in 2005. Sara is also the highly praised author of the novels White Man and He Knows Something She Can Try.



Image courtesy of Norwegian Film Institute

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95 min. In Norwegian and Danish with English subtitles.