In this warm and comic road-trip film from Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken (Norway, 2017), music teacher Kaspar learns that his mother, an expert quilter who has been scheduled to compete on the island of Ona, has passed away. To honor her legacy, he travels alongside his estranged transgender father to bring her final masterpiece to the competition.

Throughout a series of unexpected encounters along the road, the two come to terms with their sorrow and rebuild their fractured relationship.

About the Director

Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken (b. 1989) grew up in Hamar, Norway. He is a self-taught filmmaker and trained cinema projectionist. Dahlsbakken has made several short and feature films using different film techniques, and cultivates the analog idiom in the creative process. One of his greatest successes so far has been the short film Thanks for Dancing (2015), which won awards at multiple festivals around the world. Dahlsbakken’s first feature film, Returning Home (Å vende tilbake), premiered in 2015 at the Rome Film Fest and was shortlisted as the Norwegian Oscar candidate for Best Foreign Language Film. Dahlsbakken continues to develop his own personal film projects, shorts as well as feature films.



Courtesy Norwegian Film Festival

WED—April 25—7 PM &
FRI—April 27—6:30 PM
$12 ($7 ASF Members)
Series pass $72 ($45 ASF Members)
79 min. In Norwegian with English subtitles.