A genre in itself, the lumberjack film boasted heroes that could steer logs through rapids and split trees in half. This survey of Finnish lumberjack films organized by Dr. Vito Adriaensens (Columbia University | University of Antwerp), created during the 1920s onward, showcases Finland’s rich history of the logging tradition, and its importance in developing a national identity following Finland’s 1917 independence.

In The Lumberjack’s Bride, a tragic lumberjack rafting accident and the drowning of a young man leads to a rift in a small village, upheaving marriage prospects for the young man’s sister. A love triangle gets out of hand when murder is considered — what better way to make a murder look like an accident when it takes place during hearty river rafting?

Directed by Erkki Karu, a pioneer of Finnish cinema and the founder of its first production company, Suomi-Filmi. Dr. Vito Adriaensens introduces the series prior to the screening.

Silent film composer and accompanist Ben Model provides music with the film.



WEDJanuary 23—7 PM
$12 ($7 ASF Members)
97 min. Silent, accompanied by live music by Ben Model