The New York Baltic Film Festival continues with Mother, I Love You /Mammu, es tevi milu, one of the most poignant films ever produced in northern Europe. This Jānis Nords-directed feature follows the buffeted relationship between a single mother and her 13-year-old son, whose seemingly slight lie leads to increasing complications with school authorities and the police.

Their emotional odyssey gains extra force from players who had never before acted for the cameras, one of the numerous details that have had critics compare the film to Francois Truffaut’s Four Hundred Blows.(83 mins, Latvia, 2013. In Latvian with English subtitles)


After extensively working as 1AD on various Latvian features and TV commercials, Jānis Nords shot his feature debut Amateur in 2008. The film won Best Debut at the Latvian National Film Festival. The following year he co-wrote Return of Sergeant Lapins (directed by Gatis Smits), which premiered at Busan International Film Festival.

He then studied film directing at National Film and Television School in Britain. Mother, I Love You is Jānis Nords’ second feature.

2018 New York Baltic Film Festival

The three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have been producing motion pictures since 1910. While not as well-known as those in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, their industries have met challenges in one era or another that ultimately only galvanized their creative ambitions for features, documentaries, and animation shorts. Through the screening of both the latest productions and selected classics, the inaugural 2018 New York Baltic Film Festival offers an unprecedented opportunity to see the best in northern European film making.

The New York Baltic Film Festival is presented by Scandinavia House and organized by the Consulate General of Estonia, Consulate General of Lithuania and Consulate of Latvia in New York. Programming support is from the Estonian Film Institute, National Film Center of Latvia, and Lithuanian Film Center. Funding for the festival is courtesy of governments of the Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and by the generous donations of members of the Baltic community in New York. Additional support to the festival is from the Lithuanian Cultural Institute, the Consulate General of Finland in New York, and the American Scandinavian Foundation.




FRIOctober 19—8:15 PM

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