Dino (Bianca Kronlöf) has fled Sweden’s mass unemployment for a new life in Norway. But like many other young, Swedish immigrants she finds herself living on the outskirts of Norwegian society, getting by with little pay from irregular, part-time work. When she lands a job as a housekeeper in an upper

middle class household in Oslo, she is thrown into a very different life from her own, and soon finds herself in the center of an odd and intense love triangle. A struggle for affection ensues which results in a witty and stark portrayal of the shifted power balance between Sweden and Norway. Directed by Ronnie Sandahl (Sweden, Norway, 2014).

Special thanks to the Swedish Film Institute and the Yellow Affair.

Praise for Underdog:

“Swedish novelist Ronnie Sandahl weighs up the social and emotional cost of financial crisis in his prize-winning debut feature”—Hollywood Reporter

“..a tender human drama that touches on themes of class and immigration…”—Scandinavian Film Festival (Australia)

Underdog is the Winner of the Gold Hugo award for Best New Director, Chicago International Film Festival, 2014.

About the director

Ronnie Sandahl is a Swedish director, novelist, and playwright. At 14 he was already writing for his hometown newspaper, at 18 he was headhunted by Aftonbladet—the largest daily newspaper in Scandinavia. His big break came in 2007 at the age of 22, with his debut novel Vi som aldrig sa hora, earning him acclaim as one of Sweden’s most renowned young authors.

Recently Sandahl has focused primarily on directing. He has written and directed two short films, Lucky Bastard/Lyckliga Jävel and The Route 43 Miracle/Mirakel utmed riksväg 43, which was selected for competition at the 2012 Locarno Film Festival. In addition to directing, Sandahl has a weekly column in Aftonbladet and writes plays for Sweden’s two largest theaters.



Image by Ita Zbroniec Zajt

FR—4-8-2016—6:30 PM
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97 min. | In Norwegian and Swedish with English subtitles