After losing her sight, Ingrid (Ellen Dorrit Petersen) rarely leaves her apartment. She can still remember how the world around her looks, but the images that were once so clear are slowly replaced by darker visions. Ingrid suspects her husband Morten (Henrik Rafaelsen) doesn’t always leave for work when he says he does. Is Morten there in the apartment with her? Sneaking around, silently observing her? Or when he claims to be writing e-mails to colleagues, is he actually chatting with his lover online?

Morten’s old college friend Einar (Marius Kolbenstvedt) is an aficionado of film and music. But rather than fostering his passions, he keeps finding himself exploring the world of online porn and spying on Elin (Vera Vitali), a Swedish woman who lives across the street.



Elin lost her entire social circle in her divorce. When she starts experiencing absurd, inexplicable events, she is left with no one to talk to but her ten-year-old daughter. Directed by Eskil Vogt (Norway, 2014).

Blind is a witty and unpredictable drama about how our innermost fantasies and desires affect how we perceive the world around us. With Blind, Eskil Vogt establishes himself as a director with an eye for detail and the deft ability to balance humor and drama through a creative and lively approach.

Special thanks to the Norwegian Film Institute and KimStim

Praise for Blind:

“…impeccably composed…”—The Guardian

“Ace Norwegian scribe Eskil Vogt makes a sparkling directorial debut with an alternately tragic and playful tale of a blind authoress.”—Variety

“[Vogt] is a deft visual artist, recognizing that the art of filmmaking is not unlike what his protagonist goes through in “Blind.” Just as she has to visualize a world she’s beginning to forget, it is Vogt who uses images in ways that can sometimes deceive the audience.”—Brian Tallerico,

About the director

Eskil Vogt is a directing graduate from one of Europe’s most prestigious film schools—La Fémis in Paris. He directed several award winning short films, among them An Embrace/Une étreinte, which was nominated for a European Film Award and The Strangers/Les étrangers which won the Grand Prix du Jury at the Premiers Plans Festival in Angers.

Vogt has also had a successful screenwriting career, working closely with Joachim Trier, including the two features, Reprise in 2006 and Oslo, August 31st. Vogt’s most recent work as a director was for the groundbreaking, darkly comic and award winning Norwegian TV-series Uti Vår Hage.



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