Explore the world without leaving New York! The New York International Children’s Film Festival takes place February 22 through March 17, 2019 throughout New York City, with 11 screenings at Scandinavia House. For complete lineup and tickets visit nyicff.org/tickets.

Fill out a ballot at every screening, and your votes will determine the Festival award winners.

SAT—March 9—11 AM
75 min. Recommended ages 10+

In Girls’ POV, girls tell it like it is, and who doesn’t need A Field Guide to Being a 12-Year-Old Girl—whether you are, have been, or ever wanted to be one—in this wry comedy. The Shadow of Cairo must take on a different mission and guise in the face of harassment during her first superhero outing on the streets of Egypt. Blurring the line between expectations, reality, and representation, the girl in the animated My Body boldly reclaims her voice to tell the mirror how it really is. Purchase tickets.

SAT—March 9—1 PM
44 min. Recommended ages 5+
World Theatrical Premiere

They may hail from faraway Finland, but artist/novelist Tove Jansson’s cuddly, quasi-philosophical, not-quite-hippo creatures have a huge international following and were last seen at NYICFF 2014. This exciting new series is an evocative mix of 2D and 3D animation, bringing the Moomintroll family to vivid life as they adventure through the mystical islets and fjords of their glacial world. Rosamund Pike leads a top-notch voice cast as Moominmamma, wisely grounding the family’s insatiable curiosity as they seek the shadowy Groke and luminescent Hattifatteners. Purchase tickets.


SAT—March 9—2:30 PM
80 min. Recommended ages 7+. In French with English subtitles.

From the heights of the Arctic poles to the bottom of the temperature scale, Aïlo and its panoramic Lapland landscape captivate with cinematic splendor. Follow a young reindeer’s first year at close range, filled with moments of puzzlement, wonder, struggle, and delight as Aïlo, guided by his mother, must navigate an icy world. Sharing the terrain with Aïlo are a hilariously wiley and ever-wiggly stoat, an endlessly curious red-eared squirrel, and sharp-eyed wolves, in this snowy story fashioned through witty narration and clever cross-cutting. Purchase tickets.

SAT—March 9—4:30 PM
75 min. Recommended ages 10+

Crawling with curiosity, creepiness, and mind-bending fantasy, Heebie Jeebies rewards quirky-minded audiences with unexpected tales. Epic creature clashes depict a landscape we’ll inherit if we’re not mindful in Hybrids. Take your mind for a ride with Floreana’s illustrated flights of fancy through unimagined possibilities. In a meticulously crafted stop-motion menagerie, Cerulia may seem like delicate porcelain, but as the eeriness mounts, it’s the audience who just might crack first! Purchase tickets.


New York International Children’s Film Festival is dedicated to inspiring, entertaining and educating through innovative film programs that cultivate an appreciation for the arts, stimulate critical thought and promote media literacy.

Each year, the Festival invites New York families to travel the globe, discover new ideas and gain a deeper understanding of the world they live in — all from the comfort of their theater seats.



Ailo, Image courtesy of NYICFF

SAT—March 9
$14 ($12 ASF Members) for each screening