SAT—February 29
$14 ($12 ASF Members) for each screening


Explore the world without leaving New York! The New York International Children’s Film Festival takes place February 21 through March 15, 2020 throughout New York City, with 10 screenings at Scandinavia House. For complete lineup and tickets visit

Fill out a ballot at every screening, and your votes will determine the Festival award winners.

SAT—February 29—12:30 PM
89 min. In German with English subtitles. Ages 8+
New York Premiere

Eleven-year-old Ben loves his hometown, especially his soccer club, where he practices for hours each day. When he and his neighbors are forced to move, he struggles to fit in at a new school. Another newcomer, Tariq, an ace soccer player from Syria, adds to Ben’s challenges, but the two competitors might discover there’s more to be gained together in this thoughtful reflection on friendship, teamwork, and belonging. (Directed by Sarah Winkenstette; Germany, 2019)


SAT—February 29—2:45 PM
86 min. Ages 12+
East Coast Premiere

A warm, deadpan hilarious tale of parenting and heavy metal, Days of the Bagnold Summer features Earl Cave (son of legend Nick) and an original soundtrack by Belle and Sebastian. When his vacation plans tank, Ben faces another dull summer in his quiet town. Battling boredom, he auditions for a rock band whose members turn out to be a little, well, littler than expected. (Directed by Simon Bird; UK, 2019)

SAT—February 29—5 PM
83 min. Ages 8+

Anime? Check. Disney-inspired cute critters? Check. Beautiful colors? Do you even have to ask?! Our Festival Flashback is a groundbreaker: the first-ever anime film released in the US (from renowned Toei Studios), and quite possibly the inspiration for the lovably goofy ninjas-in-training of Naruto. Step back in time and follow Sasuke’s adventures from the very beginning!  (Directed by Akira Daikuhara and Taiji Yabushita; Japan, 1961)


New York International Children’s Film Festival is dedicated to inspiring, entertaining and educating through innovative film programs that cultivate an appreciation for the arts, stimulate critical thought and promote media literacy.

Each year, the Festival invites New York families to travel the globe, discover new ideas and gain a deeper understanding of the world they live in — all from the comfort of their theater seats.