Directed by Lauri Nurkse & adapted from the novels by Matti Rönkä (Finland, 2011). Private investigator Viktor Kärppä (Samuli Edelmann) is a former KGB agent haunted by his past. When he settles in Finland, the country of his ancestors, it is his attempt to create an orderly and tranquil life with his new girlfriend Marja Takala (Maria Ylipää), an independent-minded academic who prefers to keep her life simple.

But when a kindly antiques dealer approaches him for help in finding his Estonian wife, Kärppä soon finds himself in a descent into the international criminal underworld – complete with drugs, KGB operatives, and lowlifes – as the uncomplicated life he had with Marja begins to slip away. Kärppä is not a killer, even if he looks like one, but can a man change his identity – or shed his loyalties – merely by crossing a border?

Look of a Killer is a gripping thriller based on the novels by acclaimed Finnish author Matti Rönkä – known for their strong political and social focus and the grim realism of their Finnish, Russian, and Baltic settings.

Each installment is 90 min. and in Finnish with English subtitles.

The Man from Across the Border/Mies rajan takaa

July 8 & 9

Private investigator Viktor Kärppä is assigned the task of finding a missing woman. Simultaneously, a robber makes off with hundreds of thousands worth of goods. Both cases bear the mark of a well-known Estonian criminal.

Meanwhile Kärppä enlists the help of an old friend to solve a double murder and receives an offer he cannot refuse without causing harm to his girlfriend Marja Takala.

Good Brother, Bad Brother/Hyvä veli, paha veli

July 15 & 16

When synthetic heroin begins to kill young people in Helsinki, Viktor Kärppä is suspected as the importer of the drugs. With his refusal to protect the heroin shipments, Kärppä must go head to head with the Russian mafia.

Far Away Friends/Ystävät kaukana

July 22 & 23

Viktor Kärppä is confronted by two men demanding he hand over his business assets. Tensions escalate quickly after Kärppä refuses to be extorted.

As a result, he has no choice but to illegally cross the border into Russia in order to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend Marja. Fortunately, he has Teppo Korhonen (Martti Suosalo) at his side to aide him.

The Father, The Son, and The Unholy Spirit/Isä, poika ja paha henki

July 29 & 30

The husband of Viktor Kärppä’s estranged cousin has gone missing while working illegally in Finland. Kärppä discovers a connection with one of his tenant’s criminal operations.

After intercepting a drug shipment bound for Helsinki, the private investigator finds himself under threat from a Russian gangster. So Kärppä must look for a way out in order to protect his family.



Photo by Jonathan B. Ragle

7-8-2015 through 7-30-2015
$10 ($7 ASF Members)