Mia is married to the successful headmaster Frederik, who is caught embezzling from his own school. But did he do this of his own free will — or has his personality been altered by the tumor lurking in his brain? As Mia looks back on how her husband’s condition may have shaped his behavior during the happiest years of their marriage, she becomes desperate to uncover what kind of man she is actually married to. You Disappear is a movie about the challenges we face when neuroscience forces us to rethink what we are as human beings. Directed by Peter Schønau Fog (Denmark, 2016).



Peter Schønau Fog graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 1999, after previously studying theater at the University of Copenhagen, and also spent a year at the Czech Film School in Prague. He was commissioning editor at the Danish Film Institute’s talent program New Danish Screen 2010-2012.

Fog received much acclaim for his feature film debut The Art of Crying (2007). The film picked up a string of honors including the Nordic Council Film Prize and the Best Film award at the annual Danish Robert and Bodil Awards. You Disappear (2017), which had its international premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, is his second feature film.

About the Series

Each year, Scandinavia House presents the films chosen by Nordic countries to compete for the Oscar nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film. This year we will be presenting the 2017 contenders: November (Estonia), You Disappear (Denmark), Under the Tree(Iceland), Tom of Finland (Finland), Thelma (Norway), and The Square(Sweden).

Films in the series include:

NovemberWED—JAN 3
You Disappear /Du forsvinderFRI—JAN 5
Under the Tree /Undir trénu—WED—JAN 10
Tom of Finland—FRI—JAN 12
ThelmaWED—JAN 17
The SquareTHU—JAN 18



Photo by Martin Dam Kristensen

FRI—January 5—7 PM
$12 ($7 ASF Members)
118 min. In Danish with English Subtitles