Nordic Noir returns to Scandinavia House this summer with Norskov—a new Danish crime drama about a good cop and his hometown in Northern Denmark.

Martin reveals his secret to Oliver. Getting a month to investigate, Tom and his team choose to go after the cocaine kingpin. Martin is a success and the town attends the groundbreaking. Meanwhile, Tom sees something he wishes he hadn’t.

Episodes 7 & 8

Oliver is sick of school and gets an apprenticeship at Bondesen Byg. Martin is living by himself, and things are not better at the office. Tom’s investigation is falling apart, but an interesting wiretap provides a chance to crack the case.

Bondy provides Martin with some shady help, which drives Jackie farther away. A disturbing piece of information makes Oliver lose his head, with potentially damaging consequences to follow. Tom’s investigation is starting to yield results.



Image courtesy of DR Sales

WED—6-28-2017 THROUGH THU—7-27-2017
$12 ($7 ASF Members)
Series pass $40 ($28 ASF Members)
Each episode is 42 min. | In Danish with English subtitles