WED—February 15—7 PM
90 min. In Norwegian with English subtitles
$13 ($8 ASF Members)

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“Warm, heartfelt, and offering surprisingly much to laugh about” — see the touching Norwegian dramedy Nothing to Laugh About /Ingenting å le av (dir. Petter Næss, Norway, 2021) this February at Scandinavia House. Successful stand-up comedian Kasper Berntsen has everything a man could ask for: a regular gig at the city’s top comedy club, a beautiful girlfriend and a fabulous life as a public figure. Until suddenly everything crashes down around him — after losing his comedy gig and girlfriend on the same day, he’s faced with the worst nightmare imaginable when a doctor informs him that he has incurable cancer. Left with life in shambles, Kaspar must ask himself: give up or fight on? And in his search for identity he begins to discover new sides of himself — giving new life to his comedy as he uses humor as a disarming and life-giving force. Written by and starring Norwegian comedian Odd-Magnus Williamson (Kon Tiki), this heartwarming story explores how to gain newfound self-belief and find laughter again.

Nothing to Laugh About takes us on the journey of somebody who, with nothing to lose, proceeds to find himself and those aspects of his life most important to him”  (BMA Mag).