FRI—October 18—7 PM
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105 min. In Icelandic with English subtitles.

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Icelandic brothers Oskar (Bjorn Thors) and Maggi (Joel Ingi Saemundsson) have both been unlucky in love, though for very different reasons: while the perpetually-dateless Oskar spends most of his time hanging out with his dog Otto, the lothario Maggi gets around plenty, but has never spent all that much time in a long-term relationship. Neither of them can quite figure out what they’re doing wrong — and what makes them so different from all of their friends who have paired up and gotten married.

But when the two find themselves unexpectedly living together — after Oskar moves back to his parents’ old house in the suburbs, and when a breakup leaves Maggi suddenly homeless — their differences begin to rub off on one another. As Oskar begins learning the confidence to ask out his longtime friend-turned-crush Anna, Maggi begins to learn that there’s more to a fulfilling relationship than just another conquest.


Alongside other neighborhood characters — including a bizarre conceptual artist, a pair of goth tweens named Danni, and the house itself — the ensemble of this Icelandic film discovers important things about longing, love, and growing up. Directed by Maximilian Hult (Sweden/Iceland, 2019)

About the Director

Born and raised in Stockholm, Maximilian’s filmmaking journey began in his early teens with his parents’ video camera. Upon graduating high school, he went straight to film school and has since worked in many sectors of film before beginning to write and direct his own material. 

His feature debut Hemma was screened and awarded at several prestigious international film festivals including Busan, Mannheim-Heidelberg, and Grand Prix in Prague.

About the Series

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October 18, 2019

October 18, 2019