PUSHWAGNER is a rebel
PUSHWAGNER is a former hobo
PUSHWAGNER is a millionaire
PUSHWAGNER always wears a black suit
PUSHWAGNER is Norway’s most famous artist
PUSHWAGNER wants to be in control
… and so do the directors.

Enter the world of Pushwagner, one of Norway’s most celebrated contemporary artists, beatnik and bad boy extraordinaire.

Pushwagner is a one-of-a-kind documentary—a personal portrayal of a small man with a great personality. In true gonzo style, Filmmakers Even Benestad and August B. Hanssen follow Hariton Pushwagner for three years as he tries to win back the rights to his own artwork. The result is a truly entertaining, thought-provoking, and honest portrait of Norway’s most distinct contemporary artist.

About the directors

Even G. Benestad, hailing from Grimstad, a small coastal town in the southern part of Norway, studied cinematography at Oslo Film and Television Academy. He made his first feature-length documentary All About My Father in 2002, which chronicles Benestad’s relationship with his father, a well-respected doctor and transvestite, and how his father’s choices affected his family. Benestad has also worked on several other documentaries, shorts and even features films, perhaps most notably playing himself as a behind-the-scenes-documentary filmmaker in the romantic comedy You Said What? (2011).  He currently works as commissioning editor at the Norwegian Film Institute.

August B. Hanssen has collaborated with Even G. Benestad for many years. Together they wrote the manuscripts for Benestad’s films All About My Father and Natural Born Star. Pushwanger is Hanssen’s directorial debut.



Image courtesy of Indie Film

SAT—9-17-2016—2 PM
$12 ($7 ASF Members)
73 min. | In Norwegian with English subtitles