Set during a nameless civil war, musicians Jan and Eva retreat to a rural island where they live a simple life. While the situation may seem idyllic, the couple’s isolation begins to wear on their relationship, and eventually the armed conflict that they’ve tried to flee arrives on the quiet island in the form of soldiers. Try as they might, Jan and Eva ultimately can’t evade either the war or their own marital problems.

Shot on location on the small island Fårö, just off of Sweden’s southeastern coast, Shame is one of Ingmar Bergman’s lesser known films. It was named best film of the year by the National Society of Film Critics, but is little discussed since its release in 1968.

This screening is part of the NYU School of Professional Studies course Political Landscapes: A View from Abroad, which highlights an intense election season by presenting six political films from six countries as varied in cinematic styles as in political commentary.

The film will be introduced by a Swedish Studies professor and will be followed by a discussion on the political elements featured in Shame. 

About the director

Considered as one of the greatest directors and filmmakers of the 20th century by many, Ingmar Bergman enjoys a special status in the Swedish film industry as well as in the global film arena. In his long and prolific career, he directed more than 40 films, 3 of which won Academy Awards. Claimed by Woody Allen to be “probably the greatest film artist, all things considered, since the invention of the motion picture camera”, he set new landmarks in the history of film making through his sheer brilliance and deep understanding of human pathos.

Realism is what he sought and conveyed through his movies and all his life, he made movies based on themes that people can associate (themselves) with. His technique was exceptional and groundbreaking, and also changed the common perception of people about films and character portrayal. Often dealing with diverse subjects, his movies reflected a constant transformation in his style and theme of works. Today, his movies are highly regarded by filmmakers from all parts of the world and enjoy a cult status.



Shame by Ingmar Bergman

TUE—11-15-2016—6 PM, free
103 min. In Swedish with English subtitles