WED—February 22—7 PM
90 min. In Swedish with English subtitles
$13 ($8 ASF Members)

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This February, see the Swedish dramedy So Damn Easy Going / Så Jävla Easy Going (dir. Christoffer Sandler, Sweden, 2022). On the verge of adulthood, 18-year-old Joanna’s mind is like an amusement park at peak season — only her ADHD meds help to keep her buzzing mind in check. But with a depressed father whose sick pay barely covers the rent, money is tight, leaving Joanna to scramble for creative ways to afford her medication. In the midst of all this chaos, the charming and confident Audrey appears, and soon Joanna has both a bursting mind and an exploding heart to deal with. Can she manage both without becoming an unfiltered version of herself? Based on the critically acclaimed young-adult novel by Swedish author Jenny Jägerfeld, So Damn Easy Going captures the cacophony of light and sound of ADHD in a funny, sweet coming-of-age drama about love and daring to be yourself.

“Perfectly capturing the charm and chaos of first love, So Damn Easy Going is a captivating adaptation”—QueerScreen

About the Director

Christoffer Sandler (born 1986) has worked in film and television since 2010. In 2018 he wrote and directed the comedy series “Sjukt Oklar (Ellen & Vera)” for the national Swedish public broadcaster, SVT. The series was very successful within its target group 13-18 years old, with half a million views. So Damn Easy Going is Christoffer’s feature debut.