Magic can make things appear out of nowhere and vanish out of sight. But what if you make your friend

disappear by mistake? Oh no! All Gone! is a story about the sadness of loss, the joy of finding, and a humorous dance performance inspired by children’s peek-a-boo games.

About Minna Krook. Dans

Minna Krook. Dans is a dance company catering to both children and grown-ups. Based in Stockholm, the company tours frequently in Sweden and has also made several guest appearances abroad.
Minna Krook is one of the most well established choreographers of dance performances for children.

She created the first dance performance in Sweden for babies, Oh, Hello Baby (performed at Scandinavia House, fall 2012), with much positive attention. Her performance All Gone! has been hailed by critics as a “classic.”



Photo by the American-Scandinavian Foundation

FRI – 10-18-2013 – 11:00 AM
$7 ($5 ASF Members)
ages 2 – 5