Norse mythology and Nordic stories are full of many wonderful characters based on horses: Pippi Longstocking’s loyal horse Lilla Gubben (Little Man), who just loves sugar; Odin’s eight-legged steed Sleipnir (Slippy or Slipper); the Norwegian story character Dapplegrim, a stallion who helps his friend save the day; and the Swedish inconic Dalecarcian toy horses, Dalas painted with folk art details. And hobby-horsing has also become a trend among the Nordic preteens —so popular that it is also a competitive showjumping sport!






In this Saturday art workshop, join us for an afternoon art adventure and have fun skipping away with your own DIY hobby horse, based on Nordic stories or our own imaginary characters! We will provide materials for one stick horse per ticket.



Amanda Westerbom/

SATFebruary 2—2 PM
Ages 5-10, $10 (Free for ASF Members)