Swedish theatre group Boulevardteatern presents the enchanting story of Guji Guji, adapted from the book by Chih Yuan Chen. The story begins when a crocodile egg lands in a duck’s nest. Out pops Guji Guji—a small crocodile that is raised as a duck. Mother Duck doesn’t care that Guji is different from the other young ones—they are her children and she loves them all, just the way they are.

Problems arise when Guji Guji meets two big crocodiles that try to convince Guji Guji that he is a bloodthirsty, duck-eating crocodile, just like them! Guji Guji is a tale about differences and similarities, love, friendship, and learning to think for yourself.

About Boulevardteatern

Boulevardteatern, founded in 1984, is one of Stockholm’s oldest free theatre groups. The group performs a wide repertoire, including self-produced productions.

Boulevardteatern puts on more than 500 performances at its Stockholm theatre and an additional 400 performances around Sweden and abroad.



Image courtesy of Boulevardteatern

SAT—10-28-2017—1 PM, free
Ages 3-8