Each Saturday morning, Scandinavia House presents arts and storytelling for children. Our Saturday morning art workshops invite children to work with Nordic themes in the Halldór Laxness Library.

This spring, we will be offering workshops in coordination with our ongoing exhibition LEGO® Bricks: A Celebration! that explore the possibilities of learning through play. After each workshop, participants are also invited to explore the sculptures and interactive play zone in the Gallery downstairs.



This coming Saturday workshop, we’ll  design a 3D prototype of an imaginary bike for a future New Yorker by using LEGO bricks.

In Nordic cities, cycling is a common and popular way to commute. In New York, using a bicycle to travel around town is becoming more and more popular, as the city improves and expands its bike lanes. Can you imagine a time in the future when cars are fewer and bikes have taken over the streets of Manhattan? What kind of bikes will we be riding in the future? Will they be cozy, cool, silly or sporty? Can you fit your friend or family in your bike? Will there be rack for snacks and a shelter from rain and sunshine? Come design with us!

This event is open to children ages 5+.




Photos by Christine Butler/ASF; Back From the Market With Mom, Courtesy of Sean Kenney

SAT—June 16—11 AM
Ages 5+
$10 (free for ASF Members)