In this popular ongoing children’s series, some of New York’s most famous storytellers from the Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling Center present exciting fairy and folk tales and fantastic adventures from Scandinavia and the far north.

Join Ron Sopyla and LuAnn Adams as they share “Butterball, Trolls, & Tomte: Tasty & Tricky Nordic Tales”, featuring a boy who loves butter, a teeny wee tomte, two toothy trolls, and a witch who carries her head in a most unexpected place.

About the Hans Christian Andersen Storytellers

Since 1957, on Saturdays during the summer, New York City’s children have clustered around the Hans Christian Andersen statue near Conservatory Pond in Central Park to hear his and others’ fairy tales, folk stories, and stories told by a dedicated group of professional storytellers. When the weather turns cooler, the Hans Christian Andersen Storytellers bring their tales to Scandinavia House.

Saturday Morning Storytelling at Scandinavia House is made possible in part by support from DeWitt Stern Group, Inc.



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SAT—March 10—11 AM
free, Ages 5+