SAT—March 20—11 AM (ET) through SAT—March 27

*The YouTube Premiere will air from 11-11:30 AM on March 20 and remain live on this page through March 27.*

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On Saturday, March 20 at 11 AM ET, join the Children’s Center for a family craft session on “The Fox and the Bear”!

In this program, special guest Elina Gyldén (Art Educator, Amos Rex Museum & National Gallery, Helsinki) will lead a shadow-puppet craft workshop based on the Finnish folk tale of “The Fox and the Bear”. The fox (kettu in Finnish) is described in these stories to be cunning, smart, and careful — much like real-life foxes — where the bear (karhu in Finnish), the King of the Forest, was considered the most respected animal of ancient Finnish forests. But however powerful and strong the bear might be, they can never keep up with the witty foxes!

During the workshop, Hertta Nilsson will also provide an audio storytelling rendition of “The Fox and the Bear” to listen to while crafting.

Materials needed:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Chopsticks (or dowels)
  • Watercolors
  • Paper

The video will premiere at 11 AM ET on March 20, and will remain live on this page throughout the week, and can also be streamed then on YouTube & Facebook at the links below; visit before the date to set a reminder to watch.