THUJuly 9—11 AM

**This event will take place as a Virtual Premiere screening with Marte Ekhougen.**

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In Scandinavian folklore, the forests are full of trolls and little gnomes, and in Norwegian puppeteer and sculptor Marte Ekhougen a.k.a. Doctor Superhelga’s studio, they abound in puppet and marionette form! In this online workshop for families and adults, we’ll learn how to  make whimsical expressionistic troll marionettes using found and recycled materials. Follow along with her as you watch the presentation to make your own troll marionette at home!

This event will take place as a Virtual Premiere on YouTube with Marte Ekhougen on July 9 at 11 AM; questions can be shared with her in the chat during the presentation.



  • Batting, filling (such as pillow stuffing)
  • Lightweight fabric (such as silk scarves)
  • White or cream beads (for teeth)
  • Yarn, strips of fabric, or other hair material
  • Beads, buttons, ping-pong balls (for eyes)
  • String or fishline
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue or low-temp glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pins and needles
  • Sticks (such as dowels, sticks, pencils, or chopsticks)
  • Pantyhose