September 26 through December 12, 2023
$675 ($607.50 ASF Members)
*In-person or via Zoom*


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Learn the Nordic languages in classes offered this spring at Scandinavia House! In this intermediate-level course building upon Norwegian 2 (or its equivalent), all four core skill areas (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) are covered, with an emphasis on conversational Norwegian. Continue to expand your vocabulary and master grammatical structures, while enhancing your conversational abilities, and deepening your cultural knowledge of all things Norwegian, through study of themes related to daily life.

You will get to practice more in-depth conversations in class which will put your grammatical structures to the test, all the while building on your listening, and speaking skills. Focus will be given to pronunciation, Norwegian structure, tone, and flow. Students will have the opportunity to engage in discussion by bringing topics that interest them about Norway into class, including anecdotes, and personal experiences. There will also be weekly at-home assignments, and more, focusing on reading, writing, and grammar, as well as a recommend end-of-semester presentation. 

Outside of class, students are encouraged to read Norwegian articles, listen to podcasts and/or audio books, and watch Norwegian shows and movies, weekly. 

 The required text will be provided via pdf, before the first class.

Ideal for:

  • Those with a foundation in Norwegian grammar and conversation 
  • Those who wish to strengthen, and improve their Norwegian language skills

You will develop:

  • Greater confidence and fluency in Norwegian conversation
  • Mastery of correct pronunciation and good grammatical habits in Norwegian

This class will be held both in-person and via Zoom. Instructions for remote learning will be emailed upon registration.

Prerequisite: Norwegian 2 or equivalent. For questions about language levels, please contact Marie-Therese Bjornerud. Tuition is $675 ($607.50 ASF Members); 20 hours total class time.

**There will be no classes October 24 through October 31.**

Required & Recommended Material

Textbook: PA VEI TEKSTBOK, ELLINGSEN, 2012 – ISBN: 9788202340940
Workbook: PA VEI ARBEIDSBOK, ELLINGSEN, 2012 – ISBN: 9788202343163

Highly Recommended:
Word List: PA VEI Norsk-Engelsk Ordliste, ELLINGSEN, 2012 – ISBN: 9788202372255
CD-set: PA VEI ELEV-CD til tekstbok, ELLINGSEN, 2012 – ISBN: 9788202371869

Also Recommended:
Online exercises (both oral and written) following the textbook
Notebooks for vocabulary as well as notes
Duolingo (AndroidApple) and other language apps to expand vocabulary and support the learning process