September 27 through December 11, 2023
$675 ($607.50 ASF Members)
*In-person or via Zoom*


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Learn the Nordic languages in classes offered this spring at Scandinavia House! Designed for intermediate learners who have taken Norwegian 3 or equivalent, this course continues to expand and refine your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, enabling grammatically correct conversations, and language structure. A stronger focus will be given to pronunciation, Norwegian structure, tone, and flow.

You will get the opportunity to hone in your knowledge of grammatical structures, thus engaging more confidently in conversations and discussions in class, expanding your vocabulary, and fine-tuning your listening skills. Students are actively encouraged to talk more in-depth about their own experiences in Norwegian.

There will also be weekly at-home assignments, and more, focusing on reading, writing, and grammar, as well as a strongly recommend end-of-semester presentation. Students are strongly encouraged to watch and read Norwegian news, and articles, watch Norwegian shows and movies, and listen to podcasts and audio books, as often as possible, on a weekly basis at a minimum.  These classes are conducted in Norwegian, with the occasional English word/sentence.

Please note that in order to take this course, you should be comfortable using the simple past tense and present perfect, and have knowledge of regular and irregular verbs, as well as their irregularities and rules. You should also be able to use indefinite, definite, and plural forms of masculine, feminine, and neuter nouns; conjugate adjectives; and apply intermediate Norwegian sentence structure, including “inversion.”

The required text will be provided via pdf, before the first class.

Ideal for:

  • Those who feel confident conducting short conversations in Norwegian.
  • Those who have a solid understanding and foundation of Norwegian grammar and vocabulary

You will develop:

  • Stronger and more solid conversational skills, communicating more effectively, and with greater ease in Norwegian.
  • Increased reading and writing proficiency, including an enhanced flow of the language, and listening ability.

This class will be held both in-person and via Zoom. Instructions for remote learning will be emailed upon registration.

Prerequisite: Norwegian 3 or equivalent. For questions about language levels, please contact Marie-Therese Bjornerud. Tuition is $675 ($607.50 ASF Members); 20 hours total class time.

**There will be no classes October 25 through November 1. Two Wednesday classes will be switched to Mondays; the November 22 class will take place November 20, and the December 13 class will take place December 11.*

Required & Recommended Material

Textbook: PA VEI TEKSTBOK, ELLINGSEN, 2012 – ISBN: 9788202340940
Workbook: PA VEI ARBEIDSBOK, ELLINGSEN, 2012 – ISBN: 9788202343163

Highly Recommended:
Word List: PA VEI Norsk-Engelsk Ordliste, ELLINGSEN, 2012 – ISBN: 9788202372255
CD-set: PA VEI ELEV-CD til tekstbok, ELLINGSEN, 2012 – ISBN: 9788202371869

Also Recommended:
Online exercises (both oral and written) following the textbook
Notebooks for vocabulary as well as notes
Duolingo (AndroidApple) and other language apps to expand vocabulary and support the learning process