In this course, geared toward those with an intermediate level of proficiency who wish to develop their reading, writing, and conversational skills, explore various aspects of Swedish history and literature. Read complex texts, and build your confidence in speaking.

Deepen your knowledge of the language and its syntax by writing essays periodically throughout the semester. The main focus of the course is on conversation relating to historical and literary topics.

Language Courses at Scandinavia House

The Department of Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpreting (FLTI) at New York University’s School of Professional Studies brings language learning to life at Scandinavia House. Broaden your knowledge of Scandinavia and deepen your passion for its culture by learning one of the five Nordic languages.

A national leader in adult foreign language instruction, FLTI offers courses in more than 25 languages, including Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish; Finnish and Icelandic courses are offered upon request. Led by native speakers experienced in adult language instruction, levels of learning range from beginner to advanced.

Should there be a demand, higher levels of proficiency and special sections of language instruction are available, with private and small group instruction also a possibility.

Courses at Scandinavia House are offered on a semester basis. Introductory courses for novices begin each fall, with a range of levels available during the fall and spring semesters.



Image courtesy of Image Bank Sweden

2-8-2017 THROUGH 4-26-2017