In this new series featuring American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellows, we’ll look at multicultural conversations taking place in contemporary Scandinavia. How is culture performed, consumed, transformed and transmitted in societies where people and information are accessible across nations’ borders? What risks and opportunities do these changes pose for Scandinavian culture in the U.S. and elsewhere?

In this presentation, Dr. Parikka  discusses the relationship between the body, globalization, and the media, as explored in her research into the  gendered aspects of (poly)media and globalization, migrant subjectivities, and augmented reality. She’ll discuss the debate on how the female body is subjected to being “played” in the global media, and what that reveals of gender and minority–majority relationships, and of global aims and fears.

About Dr. Tuija Parikka

Dr. Tuija Parikka is an award-winning assistant professor of communication arts at St. John’s University. Her research interests include gendered aspects of (poly)media and globalization, migrant subjectivities, and augmented reality. In her most recent title, Globalization, Gender, and Media Formations of the Sexual and Violence in Understanding Globalization (Lexington Books, 2015/2016), she studied the relationship between globalization, gender, and media through a myriad of international cases. Globalization was approached, not as contexts for particular discourses, but as a set of ideologies/projects that are intrinsically connected with gender, and as such, enable particular gender imagery. Her current work builds upon the role gender plays in advancing or resolving conflicts embedded in globalization processes and discourses, and expands her earlier empirical research interests from the realm of media cultures to migrant subjectivities and augmented reality.

Dr. Parikka earned her Ph. D. in Communication from the University of Helsinki, Finland, in 2005. Since then, she has taught at the New School University and the NYU until her most recent appointment at St. John’s University in 2013.



TUE—October 30—7 PM, free