“If you are a walker this book will resonate with you, if you have seldom or never walked this book should be compulsory reading.” —Rosamund Young

“A thought-proving and enjoyable book that revels in seeing the global in the local. Erling Kagge reveals new ways to view home and homo sapiens, and, as he travels leisurely, we grow slowly wiser.” —Tristan Gooley

“Erling Kagge is a philosophical adventurer – or perhaps an adventurous philosopher.” —The New York Times

This program has been supported by the Rev. Lars R. Lund Fund for Nordic Literature.

About Erling Kagge

Erling Kagge is a Norwegian explorer, author, publisher, and father of three teenage girls. He was the first person to walk alone on the South Pole, and he was also the first to reach the “three poles”–North, South, and the summit of Mount Everest.


He has written seven books on exploration, philosophy, and art collecting, which have been translated into several languages.



Photo by Simon Skreddemes, Book Cover by Pantheon

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